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Your Le Moyne Account

Le Moyne Password

Your Le Moyne password for the above expires every 120 days (about every 4 months). You can reset your password when it expires or you forget it at resetmypassword.lemoyne.edu. Le Moyne College recommends using passphrases for passwords. For more information on passphrases and how to create strong passwords visit our Blog post, Tips on Creating Secure and Memorable Passphrases.

Once at resetmypassword.lemoyne.edu you can set up 2-Step Verification with your phone number and a Mobile Authenticator App so you can self reset your password in the future. Visit the 2-Step Verification page to learn how to enable this security feature for your account. 

Password Manager

A password manager is a secure place to store passwords for multiple websites and applications all protected by one master password. This application helps eliminate the need to memorize multiple passwords across devices, applications and softwares. It also eliminates the use of the same password across these platforms, which is a data risk. Le Moyne recommends using KeePass for Windows machines or KeePassium for iOS devices. 

Account access

All students, faculty, and employees have Le Moyne accounts which provide access to the following:

If you graduate from Le Moyne or retire, you retain your Google Apps for Education account.