Why Study Abroad?

There are so many reasons to study abroad and each person will have different motivations. Here are some great benefits of studying abroad:

  1. Earn academic credit 
  2. Explore your academic interests from new perspectives
  3. Learn a new language
  4. Experience a new culture
  5. Gain global experience
  6. Gain marketable skills
  7. Challenge yourself to grow in new ways

How can you make studying abroad happen?

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  • What are your goals for studing abroad?
  • Do you want to spend a semester abroad or are you interested in a short-term program?
  • What is financially feasible for you?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What are the academic needs or constraints that you face?
  • Do you want to study in English or are you planning to focus on language study?
  • Search Le Moyne programs through Via site (be sure to use your Le Moyne email to sign up or sign in)
  • Research programs through other avenues (SUNY schools, study abroad provider programs)
  • Attend an information session or drop-in study abroad advising hours
  • Schedule an appointment with the Office of Global Education
  • Talk to returned students about their study abroad experience

Meet with your academic advisor and/or department chair to discuss your academic requirements, think about th etypes of courses you hope to take abroad, and make sure your plan will keep you on track to graduate on time.

1. Research the costs affiliated with your program and going abroad:

  • Do you already have a passport? Does it need to be renewed?
  • Is a visa required?
  • What are average flight costs?
  • Will you have to purchase separate medical insurance?
  • Which costs are included and which ones are out-of-pocket?
  • What are estimates for daily living expenses?

2. Meet with the financial aid office to learn about how your financial aid relates to study abroad. 

3. Discuss the costs with your family and develop a budget early.

4. Learn about the Le Moyne scholarships and grants available to assist students studying abroad.

Your application will require the following:

  1. Basic demographic and program information
  2. Two brief essays - a personal statement discussing why you are applying to study abroad, why you selected this program, and how the experience is connected to your goals; a discussion of your anticipated challenges and plans to deal wtih them
  3. List of 5 courses offered by your host institution that you would like to take while you are abroad (these may not be the courses in which you enroll, but we want you to think about the academic experience)
  4. Recommendation from a faculty member and your academic advisor (2 separate people) - be sure to speak with these people about your plans in advance and request their permission; they will not need to write a letter, but will instead reacieve an email asking them to answer a few questions about you
  5. Authorization for a review of your conduct history through Community Standards
  6. Participation waivers
  7. If you are applying to a program that is NOT a Le Moyne exchange, you will also need to submit a budget estimate and accreditation informaiton for the program, along with information about the host institution

After you are accepted to your program, you will begin the pre-departure phase. This will include instructions on required forms, deadlines, and discussions about topics including cultural adjustment, health, and safety.