Seven Steps to Study Abroad

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Students considering study abroad should attend one of the informational meetings to learn if study abroad is right for them. These small-group meetings are held throughout the year to provide students with initial information about the program benefits, guidelines and other important information. If you cannot attend an informational session, please schedule a meeting with a staff member from the Inclusive Excellence and Global Education office.

Having attended one of the informational interest meetings, you may feel that you are ready to jump right in to the study abroad process. But first take some time to evaluate your goals and identify the program that is right for you before moving forward. 

Here are some other things to consider when researching study abroad programs:

  • Reflect on your prior experiences (traveling, courses studied, etc.)
  • Determine what you hope to get out of the experience (language acquisition, a better understanding of a certain culture, internship experience, etc.)
  • Review your finances to determine a realistic idea of how much funding is available for your trip
  • Review this information with the Office of Inclusive Excellence and Global Education and/or your academic advisor to find out what programs are recommended
  • Consult your academic advisor as you begin to decide during what semester/year is the right time to study abroad
  • Review the coursework required for your major, minor or core program to determine what courses you will need to take abroad
  • Map out your Le Moyne curriculum and forecast your time abroad
  • Ask former participants about their study abroad experiences

In order to apply to a specific study abroad program, you must first obtain approval from various College officials. To do so, fill out a Request for Study Abroad Approval form and attach program and pricing information. Then have it signed by the Department Chair of your major. Once that signature is obtained, the completed form should be dropped off to Inclusive Excellence and Global Education for review and final approval.

It is very important to have program and pricing information attached as well as all required signatures. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Your study abroad approval will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Grades: Applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of at least 2.8;
  2. Student Conduct Record: Applicants must be in good non-academic standing.
  3. Program Requirements: The study abroad program must be formally accredited by a US or foreign accreditation agency; and
  4. Timing: There must be space available in the College's study abroad program to allow for additional participation (space is limited).

Students not meeting these guidelines may contact the Inclusive Excellence and Global Education office to gain information about the appeal process.

Once Inclusive Excellence and Global Education has reviewed the Request for Study Abroad Approval form, the student will be contacted via email concerning their status. If approved, the student will be encouraged to schedule an appointment to discuss the application process, course equivalencies and billing information.

Once you have been approved to study abroad, you can begin the application process for the program you selected on your Request for Study Abroad Approval form.

Le Moyne College Programs
Upon approval to study abroad with one of Le Moyne’s exchanges, you will work with Inclusive Excellence and Global Education to receive and submit all the required paperwork to our partner institution. 

Non-Le Moyne College Programs
Students applying to study abroad programs not coordinated by Le Moyne, including Le Moyne affiliations, should apply directly to the institution organizing the program. Applications can usually be downloaded from the schools’ websites and, most of the time, there is an application fee. Students are strongly encouraged to visit the Inclusiv Excellence and Global Education if assistance is needed in filling out the application.

Most applications for Fall and full year programs are due in March and Spring applications are typically due in October. Students are strongly encouraged to send in their applications in as early as possible. Many competitive programs using a rolling admission fill up before they even reach the application due date.

Things to consider when filling out your application:

  • Transcripts: Almost all applications require students to submit an official transcript. To do so, visit the Registrar’s Office and request one. Once issued, we recommend that you pick it up rather than having them mail it directly to the study abroad provider. Make sure that you don’t open the envelope or else it is no longer considered official.
  • Recommendations: Most applications ask that students provide one or two recommendations. The application will indicate if a recommendation form is required or if general recommendation letters will be accepted. In either case, the completed recommendation(s) should be returned to you in a sealed envelope with the individual’s name written across the seal. It is common practice to give your recommendation sources at least 2-3 weeks to finish them.
  • Study Abroad Approval: Many non-Le Moyne program applications require students to provide information indicating that the College has formally granted the student permission to utilize the particular study abroad program. At times, they may ask for a student’s grade point average, academic standing, judicial record, and program requirements. Please bring such requests to Inclusive Excellence and Global Education to be completed. Once finished, these forms will be sealed in an envelope and should be picked up by the student.
  • Essays: Some applications require students to submit an essay or writing sample documenting why they want to study abroad and utilize this specific program. When writing such an essay, try to go into as many specifics as possible, such as why this program is unique, how it can strengthen your Le Moyne academics, why you chose this location, what you hope to learn from this experience, etc.
  • Course Planning: Some programs require that students submit a listing of courses that they plan to take if they are accepted into the program. If your application requires you to do so, pick up a Course Approval Record from Inclusive Excellence and Global Education. This is the form that you will use to obtain pre-approval for your classes. The Department Chair of your major, minor or Director of the Core must approve all course work. To complete this paperwork, refer to the course approval information on the front of the form. All participants are required to complete this paperwork. If it is not part of the application process, then it will be required once a student has been accepted.
  • Mailing Instructions: We recommend that you send your entire application, including the recommendation and transcript, in one large envelope to the study abroad provider. We also suggest that you include a cover letter when sending your application. In addition, it is also a good idea to contact the school a couple days after the application was mailed in order to confirm that it was received in full.

Download form

Congratulations! If you have made it to Step 5 then you likely have an approved to study abroad. Your next steps will be to attend the approval meeting and schedule an advising meeting with a member of the Inclusive Excellence & Global Education Staff.

  • Acceptance Letter: Please forward a copy of your acceptance letter to the Inclusive Excellence & Global Education office. A copy of your acceptance letter will be maintained in the office file. At times, programs will require a deposit to hold a student’s spot upon acceptance. Be sure to visit Inclusive Excellence and Global Education quickly so that arrangements can be made to pay the deposit.
  • Course Approval Record: Obtaining pre-approval for your course work is a very important part of the study abroad process. The Department Chair of your major, minor and/or Director of the Core must approve all courses you plan to take. To do so, you will need to fill out the Course Approval Record indicating your preferred and alternate classes. We recommend that you seek approval for twice as many classes as you plan to take. You will need to provide the Department Chair and/or Director of the Core with the course descriptions from your study abroad site so he or she can determine course equivalencies.
  • Other paperwork: You will also be asked to complete other paperwork including an emergency contact form and participation agreement. For Le Moyne College approval to be granted, all required paperwork must be submitted to Inclusive Excellence and Global Education by the last day of classes during the semester preceding departure.
  • Study Abroad Pre-departure Meeting: All participants are required to attend the College’s pre-departure meeting. This provides an opportunity for students to meet others that will be studying abroad and ask questions of former participants. Guest speakers from the Registrar’s Office, Campus Life and Leadership, and the Wellness Center will also be available to talk with students about their concerns.
  • Host Institution Requirements: Make sure that you complete and return all the forms requested by your host institution before the deadline. While Inclusive Excellence and Global Education may not be familiar with your school’s requirements, we would be happy to assist you if we can. If you need any assistance with this paperwork, please schedule an appointment.

This is it- you did it! You are now ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. This is sure to be an experience that you will never forget.

While you will probably be eager to immerse yourself in this new experience, please remember that there are still a couple of things that should be taken care of while you are abroad.

  • Enrollment Verification Form: This document must be returned to Le Moyne College within the first two weeks of classes abroad. We ask that you provide us with your address abroad and have a school official confirm your course registration. Once completed, please send it to Inclusive Excellence and Global Education via fax 315-445-6005 or regular mail. Once the Office has received it we will send you a confirmation email.
  • Le Moyne College Course Registration: Several weeks before registration, the Registrar’s Office will send study abroad students information to their Le Moyne e-mail account regarding course registration. Students will be able to utilize WebAdvisor and register just as they would if they were on the Le Moyne campus. Additional information about this process will be provided during the Study Abroad Orientation Program.
  • Housing Selection: Extensive housing information is provided to students at the Study Abroad Orientation Program. In summary, students studying abroad during the fall semester should contact Campus Life and Leadership toward the end of the semester in order to secure a housing assignment for the spring semester. For students abroad in the Spring, a proxy should be chosen prior to departing Le Moyne College to act in the student's place during the housing lottery.

We hope that students will continue to remain connected to the campus by periodically e-mailing Inclusive Excellence and Global Education at Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions while abroad.

Now that you have successfully completed your study abroad program, we hope that you stay connected to the Inclusive Excellence and Global Education office. You have likely gained many new perspectives about your experience and we want to hear all about it.

Please take time to review the final pieces of the process:

  • Attend our Reentry Meeting: Program participants will be invited to attend a Reentry Meeting during the first couple of weeks of the semester in which they return. This gives students an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments, reflect on their experiences, and share their story with others that also participated in the program.
  • Offer Advice about the Program: Former participants are asked to fill out two surveys upon their return, one evaluating Le Moyne College's Inclusive Excellence and Global Education services and the other dealing specifically with the student’s host institution. This feedback is a crucial part of the program’s assessment. You are strongly encouraged to take 15 minutes to complete these questionnaires.
  • Finalize your Course Equivalencies: Once the Le Moyne College Registrar’s Office has obtained your final transcript, they will change your placeholder course to the appropriate course equivalencies as indicated on your Course Approval Record. Please note that it often takes several months to receive a transcript from abroad. Keep this in mind and review your unofficial Le Moyne transcript periodically via WebAdvisor. Once the course equivalencies and grades have been posted, check for discrepancies. Courses that were not pre-approved will continue to be listed as independent studies.
  • Get Involved on Campus: Students should be cognizant of the possibility of reverse culture shock. Often students are surprised by the fact that they just don't feel "at home" once they are home. A common strategy to downplay this feeling is for students to get involved once back on campus. We recommend that you take part in the numerous opportunities available at Le Moyne. You may be especially interested in joining the College’s International Club or assisting your RA with a floor program during which you can share your study abroad experience.
  • Participate in the Study Abroad Fair: Each fall, the College’s office of Inclusive Excellecne and Global Education coordinate the a Study Abroad Fair. Open to the entire campus, this is a lively event full of international entertainment, authentic food, and information about other cultures. Former study abroad participants are invited to arrange table displays which showcase their study abroad locations. This is a great way to relive your study abroad experience.
  • Tell your Story: By becoming a Study Abroad Ambassador, you are able to use the knowledge that you gain abroad to assist other students considering similar adventures. Contact Inclusive Excellence and Global Education if you would like to be included in this group. Inclusive Excellence and Global Education commonly gives out the names and email addresses of Ambassadors to students with study abroad questions. It not only helps your fellow classmates, it is also a fantastic way for you to share your experiences with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Le Moyne College will make the ultimate determination as to how many credits will transfer from a given study abroad program. Le Moyne College is not bound to transfer the number of credits indicated by the institution sponsoring the program. Students will receive actual letter grades for course work completed abroad, impacting their Le Moyne grade point average, and continuing their eligibility for the Le Moyne College Dean’s List.

Students should have a minimum cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.8 and be in good non-academic standing in order to participate in the study abroad program. A GPA of less than a 2.8 and/or student conduct concers can be considered unfavorable and can result in being placed on a wait list or denied approval.

Students not meeting eligibility requirements may contact Inclusive Excellence and Global Education to gain information about the appeal process. Students must also have their study abroad programs approved in writing by both their Department Chair and Inclusive Excellence and Global Education prior to their departure. Failure to do so or failure to take the approved program may result in some or all of the credits not being awarded and loss of financial aid.

Student also need to attend 3 diversiy events, a culture shock workshop, and an approval meeting and pre-departure orientation before being approved to study abroad.

Students utilizing approved study abroad programs will continue to receive financial aid, including Le Moyne scholarships and grants. However, in accordance with state guidelines, students participating in non-Le Moyne programs administered by a college or university outside of New York State will not be eligible for TAP awards or New York state merit scholarships. If the study abroad program costs exceed the cost of attendance at Le Moyne or if students are ineligible for New York State awards then the student will be responsible for the additional cost. Le Moyne awards will not be increased to cover study abroad expenses that exceed the cost of education at Le Moyne. Le Moyne awards may be used for a maximum of two semesters in an approved study abroad program.

If studying in countries in which Le Moyne has exchange programs, students must apply to a Le Moyne exchange, provided it offers the student’s major. If not accepted into Le Moyne’s program, the student may apply to non-Le Moyne programs once approved by both the department chair of the student’s major and Inclusive Excellence and Global Education. Students choosing not to study in a country in which Le Moyne has an exchange may utilize any program that they receive approval from both the department chair of their major and Inclusive Excellene and Global Education.


Country Information


Important Note- Some study abroad programs also offer their own scholarships that can be used when the program costs exceed your Le Moyne College charges. For additional information, contact Inclusive Excellence and Global Education at

There are three options for Study Abroad:

  • Full Semester
  • One Month
  • Two Weeks

Scholarships from a study abroad provider that reduce the overall program fees may not reduce your Le Moyne College study abroad charges.

These guidelines apply to all Le Moyne College students. If you have questions or need further clarification please email Inclusive Excellence and Global Education at

Le Moyne College study abroad programs do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, creed or sexual orientation.

Le Moyne College reserves the right to determine which programs students may attend for which Le Moyne College credit will be sought. Students do not have the right to attend any program of their choosing if seeking Le Moyne College credit. Particular programs approved for past students may not be approved for current students. Similarly, programs approved for certain students may not be approved for others depending upon individual circumstances, such as academics and finances.

Students participating in Le Moyne’s exchanges are charged tuition by Le Moyne and room charges (and board if selected by student) by the host institution. If participating in non-Le Moyne programs, students will be charged Le Moyne tuition (and room and board if housing and meals are included in the program cost). Le Moyne College will then cover the program costs. If the program costs for the non-Le Moyne study abroad program exceed Le Moyne’s charges, students are responsible for paying the difference. All students are also responsible for additional items, such as airfare, optional excursions, transcript services, etc.

Le Moyne College's office of Inclusive Excellence and Global Education will assist students in a reasonable way to identify study abroad opportunities that meet their personal, academic and financial needs. This includes opportunities in the countries specified by the students and credit opportunities during the regular academic year. While the College makes a reasonable effort to review the program, students are ultimately responsible for researching the programs that they select.