Student Resources

Le Moyne administrators believe it is important to assist students in the areas of life that occur outside the classroom. Many different services are available to meet students’ needs in areas such as health, welfare, religious and spiritual life, social life, and career planning and placement. Students should become aware of the available services early so they may take full advantage of them.

Academic Information

The process of education takes many shapes. It can range from formal classroom instruction to one-on-one discussion to taking advantage of special services available. All of these aspects fall within the parameters of general academic rules and regulations. Students should take the time to understand these services and policies.

Early Alert System Exchange (EASE)

All employees of the College have the ability to refer students through the EASE resource. This online referral tool allows faculty, administrators and staff to identify students who may be in need of additional support beyond what they can provide in their role on campus. It enables the College to reach out to and support students confidentially at a time when it can be most effective. Typically, students who are referred receive an email asking that they meet with a specific member of the Division of Student Development.

Major GPA below 2.0

In order to receive a bachelor’s degree, students must have at least a 2.0 G.P.A. in their major course of study. Students who have a major G.P.A. below 2.0 will be required to meet with their academic advisor, department chair of their major, or the Assistant Dean for Student Success. During the meeting, students will develop an action plan which may include ways to improve the student’s G.P.A. in the major, meeting with a representative from the Student Success Center, or considering a change of major.  Additional conditions may be identified for students who have not improved their G.P.A. above 2.0 after two semesters.

Mid-term Grades

First-year students can expect to receive mid-term grades in all of their first-semester courses. This allows them feedback on their academic progress in their course work. Second-semester first-years and all undergraduate students receive mid-term grades only when their performance is deficient (a deficiency is an indicator of being at risk to fail a course). Students can view their mid-term grades using Phinfo

All students should meet with their academic advisor to discuss their mid-semester grades and identify ways to improve performance in current courses. Students who receive three or more mid-term deficiencies (indicated by a grade of D, F, U, or DEF) will be required to meet with a member of the College’s Office for Academic Advising and Support to make a plan to improve your grades.

Please see the current Le Moyne College Catalog for information regarding Academic Programs, policies, the academic calendar and directory information.

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209E Grewen Hall, 315-445-4583 

The affirmative action officer provides leadership in the application of local, state and federal guidelines on affirmative action and equal employment opportunity, and interprets policy, conducts investigations and processes formal complaints of discrimination.

342-344 Reilly Hall, 315-445-4190

The AHANA (African-American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American) Program was established to enable Le Moyne to expand its enrollment of students of color. AHANA students have academic potential but would normally not meet Le Moyne’s criteria for regular admission. AHANA students are required to participate in a structured academic support program which includes a five-week pre-freshman summer program and other forms of academic assistance throughout the year. 


Henninger Athletic Center, 315-445-4450

Le Moyne believes in nurturing the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual aspects of each individual. As a result, Le Moyne has an extensive athletic program incorporating intercollegiate, intramural and club sports, as well as personal fitness and recreational activities. The College facilities are designed to support a wide variety of sports activities and other extracurricular events.

Athletics at Le Moyne College are guided by an athletic advisory board. The board advises the director of athletics concerning intercollegiate athletics. Faculty, students, administrators and alumni are represented on the board.

Call the sports hotline at 315-445-4410 to hear recreation center hours, upcoming athletic events, and scores and results for your favorite teams.

Intercollegiate Athletics
Le Moyne College observes the conditions for eligibility stated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAC). All of Le Moyne's teams compete in the Northeast-10 Conference. Students on academic probation may not participate in the intercollegiate athletic program. First-year students are eligible for varsity competition.

Le Moyne sponsors men’s varsity competition in basketball, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, golf, swimming and cross-country. Le Moyne sponsors women’s varsity competition in tennis, volleyball, softball, basketball, soccer, swimming, lacrosse, cross-country and golf.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is made up of one representative from each collegiate team. Its role is to serve as a liaison between the student-athletes and the athletic director. Tim Fenton (315-445-5478) is the advisor.

Student Tickets
Each student is entitled to free admission to each regular-season home athletic event. To be admitted to home games, students must present their Le Moyne ID card.

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An automated teller machine (ATM), operated by Key Bank, is located in the Dolphin Den.


Le Moyne Plaza, 315-445-4036

The Le Moyne College Bookstore, open year-round, offers a wide selection of school merchandise, school supplies, residence hall supplies, health and beauty aids, and books for leisure reading. The store also carries all required and recommended course materials for Le Moyne College courses. The bookstore offers a textbook rental program on select titles, and some titles are available in digital format.

Accepted forms of payments include cash, any major credit card, Dolphin Dollars and Barnes and Noble gift cards. Store hours may be found at the front door, as well as on the store website or by calling the store.


Second floor, Grewen Hall, 315-445-4350

Inquiries regarding financial matters pertaining to student accounts should be directed to the bursar’s office. The bursar’s office maintains records related to the payment of tuition and fees, disbursements of loan funds and financial aid awards that are credited directly to the student account. The bursar’s office is also responsible for issuing refund checks and for collecting the various deposits, fees and fines that are required by the College.


Le Moyne College, in partnership with Spectrum, provides more than 100 standard and high definition cable TV channels to residence hall rooms and common lounge areas. Among the cable TV lineup are two channels that provide student event information. Additional premium and digital cable TV services are also available directly through the College's cable provider. Students that reside in College-owned houses are responsible for purchasing their own cable service.


Second Floor, Campus Center, 315-445-4520 

The Office of Campus Life and Leadership is located in the Campus Center. The Office of Campus Life is responsible for the integrating and managing the College’s residential life program, student activities, student government, student clubs and leadership programming. The campus life program is devoted to providing a vibrant campus environment that supports the needs of both the Le Moyne residential student and those living off campus. Recognizing that students’ co-curricular experiences have a profound impact on their personal and educational development, the campus life program aims to structure varied experiences that facilitate the overall growth of the individual.

Several administrative functions are handled in the Office of Campus Life such as all housing-related matters such as keys, student room assignments, room changes, housing lottery and work orders. The Office of Campus Life also houses the ID card system, manages ticket sales and reservations for student events, vans, equipment and Polney loans.


Basement, Nelligan Hall, 315-445-4444

The primary function of the security office is to offer an environment conducive to personal and academic development for students, staff and faculty through service and prevention. The office strives to achieve these goals through conspicuous and covert patrol, ethical and professional investigative procedures, education of the public and constant training of department personnel. The office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


344 Reilly Hall, 315-445-4185

Choosing an appropriate major … identifying possible career paths … obtaining internship experience … developing job search skills … understanding graduate school options … accessing opportunities for employment. These are the important needs of college students that the Career Advising and Development Office supports.

The Career Advising and Development Staff helps students plan for careers after graduation through individual counseling and advisement, group workshops, instructional materials, online and traditional libraries of career-related information, a career guidance software program called Focus and access to alumni career advisors. Students are assisted in developing résumés, refining interviewing skills, gathering employer or graduate school information and implementing a plan for postgraduate pursuits. The office also provides web-based job postings and recruiting programs to assist job seekers.

Students are encouraged to complete an internship during their college career. The career services office works to develop relationships with area companies to facilitate students participation in internships.

Job search advisement, employer information, résumé and interviewing guidance, on-campus recruitment and job listings are available for graduating seniors seeking employment. Similar assistance is available for underclass students seeking summer and part-time positions.


IT Service Desk, Noreen Reale Falcone Library, 315-445-4579 

The Office of Information Technology provides audio-visual production and technical assistance to faculty, students, staff and administrators in support of the academic mission of the College.

Services include audio and video recording, duplication or editing, assistance with presentation design, as well as the set-up and tear-down of audio visual equipment in classrooms and event rooms on campus. The staff also provides instruction on the use of the equipment and will assist in classrooms if requested. 

Requests for services and use of audio visual equipment must be made at least seven days in advance. Students who wish to borrow equipment for class or club projects must have the signature of a faculty sponsor, and will be approved at the discretion of Information Technology staff. All equipment loaned to students must be returned to the security office by midnight of the day borrowed; no equipment is allowed to be stored in student rooms overnight. 

Hours of operation while school is in session are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hours of operation during the summer months are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Panasci Family Chapel, 315-445-4110

The campus ministry center serves the entire College community, from the perspective of faith, regardless of religious affiliation. The professional staff offers a variety of opportunities to experience community, worship, service, faith doing justice and spiritual development. The campus ministry center is open Monday through Friday and Sunday for relaxation, dialogue, inquiry, conversation and counseling.

Catholic worship is available on a daily basis in the Shanahan Chapel and on Sundays in the Madonna della Strada Chapel, both located within Panasci Family Chapel. Catholic devotional activities take place Wednesday evenings. Protestant worship is scheduled for Sunday afternoon and Bible study gatherings occur on Monday evenings. A Muslim prayer room is available in the Chapel. Interfaith and ecumenical services are held on campus throughout the year on various occasions.

Liturgical ministry opportunities are available for those students wishing to be lectors, cantors, musicians, singers and Eucharistic ministers for Sunday Masses. A variety of service opportunities are made available through Campus Ministry throughout the year. Alternative Service Breaks to domestic and international locations are offered several times a year during regularly scheduled school breaks. Campus Ministry also sponsors a variety of consciousness-raising activities to educate the campus community about the many and various social justice issues of our time. Spiritual development is offered through six weekend spiritual retreats.

Through Projects in Community ( P.I.C.), Le Moyne College students serve the Syracuse area in a variety of programs on an ongoing basis as well as participate in a number of “one-shot” opportunities throughout the year. The office also serves as a resource for community agencies that are looking for volunteers as well as other student organizations that are looking for volunteer opportunities. Work-study placements in the Syracuse community are coordinated through this office.

Requests for Posting of Prayers and Death Notices for Members of the College Community
1. As a community that values “personal care” for all its mem¬bers, the College provides the opportunity for faculty, staff and administrators to request campus-wide prayers when they or their families are confronted by serious illness or death. Requests for prayers and death notices may be left at Campus Ministry (315-445-4110) during office hours or via voice mail outside of office hours.

2. Out of respect for community members and their families’ privacy, it is required that this request be made by the affected member of the college staff or his or her immediate family. Circumstances might require that such a request be passed on to campus ministry by a colleague or friend in which case the explicit permission of the affected individual or family will be required.

3. Campus Ministry will communicate this information to the College community through a campus email announcement.


LaCasse Dining Center, 315-445-4695/Catering, 315-445-4697/Dolphin Den, 315-445-4699 

The LaCasse Dining Center is open seven days a week serving breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday and brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Food may not be removed from the LaCasse Dining Center. Your ID is necessary for board meals, Munch Money purchases and guest passes.

Many different resident plans are offered.
• Carte Blanche Unlimited access to meals, $60.00 per semester in Munch Money, 6 guest passes
• 16 Meal Plan Up to 16 meals per week, $100.00 per semester in Munch Money, 6 guest passes
• 12 Meal Plan Up to 12 meals per week, $75.00 per semester in Munch Money, 0 guest passes
• 8 Meal Plan Up to 8 meals per week, $50.00 per semester in Munch Money, 0 guest passes

There are also Gold options available. See for more info.

Two nonresident meal plans are available. 
• Any 60 Meals, $200.00 in Munch Money
• Any 30 Meals, $200.00 in Munch Money

These plans may be purchased at anytime during the academic year. Changes to meal plans can only be made during the first week of each semester. Meals and munch money carry over from fall semester to spring semester, but not from year to year. Munch Money is available for purchasing items at all food service facilities. 

The Dolphin Den is open seven days a week. Located in Grewen Hall, the Den is the campus retail facility that serves a variety of soups, salads, deli sandwiches and grilled items.

The Café is located on the first floor of Grewen Hall. Specialty coffee drinks and desserts are available.
The C-Store is located on the first floor of Grewen Hall and features Good-To-Go sandwiches, salads, snacks and beverages.


Noreen Reale Falcone Library, 315-445-4118
Disability Support Services

The Office of Disability Support Services arranges academic accommodations for students eligible for assistance under section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the American Disabilities Act of 1990. Students with physical, learning or emotional disabilities are encouraged to contact Roger Purdy, director of disability support services, as soon as possible in order to ensure that academic accommodations can be made in a timely manner. Students with temporary disabilities acquired as a result of illness or injury, who need academic accommodations, are also served by the Student Success Center. Written documentation of a disability or temporary disability is required before academic accommodations are implemented. Non-academic services for students with disabilities are coordinated by Anne Kearney, Dean for Student Wellbeing, in the Office of Student Development (315-445-4525).


Each student, upon enrolling, is issued an email account with an address in the domain. This email account is the official email address to which the College will send email communications. Students are expected to regularly check their e-mail. This official address will be recorded in the College’s electronic directories and records for that student. Contact the IT Help desk at 315-445-4579 with questions regarding your email account.


Springfield Road, 315-445-4500 


The physical plant is located near the athletic center. The director and the staff are responsible for all maintenance, repairs and improvements to the buildings on campus and for the maintenance and upkeep of college-owned grounds. Students can submit non-emergency work orders online at Students should contact Physical Plant (445-4500) between the hours of 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday and Campus Security (during non-business hours) for any work orders requiring immediate attention.


Third floor, Grewen Hall, 315-445-4400 
Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid processes financial aid for undergraduate and graduate students. Any questions regarding Le Moyne grants and scholarships, federal and state grants, on-campus employment or federal loans may be answered by stopping in, calling or sending an email to: [email protected]


As a part of the College’s campus security system, Blue Light Emergency Telephones, are located at several sites across the campus. When activated, they will provide direct access to the Le Moyne College Security Office. Also available to all students, faculty and staff is an emergency notification system referred to as Heights Alert. Students can opt-in or out of this service at any time. It is a free service and everyone is strongly encouraged to enroll. In the event of a true campus emergency, Heights Alert will send a text message to personal cell phones and/or email addresses. Details of Heights Alert and the enrollment process can be viewed by going to


343-344 Reilly Hall, 315-445-4190 

Designed to assist students from educationally under-prepared and economically disadvantaged circumstances, HEOP provides its students with both financial and academic assistance to facilitate their success at Le Moyne. The academic support services program includes a five-week summer session for pre-freshmen as well as special skill-development courses during the regular academic year. Students in the program may also avail themselves of the group or individual tutoring sessions. In addition, the program attempts to provide its students with counseling and academic advisement sufficient to meet their personal needs.


Romero Hall, 315-445-4532 
Upward Bound

The goal of the Le Moyne College Upward Bound Program is to generate in participants the skills and motivation necessary for success in education beyond high school. Services include instruction in reading, writing, study skills, mathematics and other core curriculum areas; academic advice and assistance in high school course selection; tutorial services; exposure to cultural events and academic programs; career counseling; on-campus residential programs; and programs and activities designed for individuals with limited proficiency in English.

Any student who is proven to be eligible may apply. Eligible students must be residents of the City of Syracuse, have completed eighth grade but not have entered 11th grade, and must be between the ages of 13 and 19.


The Campus Life and Leadership Office issues the Dolphin Card / Student ID card. This card is used for meals, building access and library use. Over time, the cards can become worn, damaged, or unreadable. Cards damaged due to normal or reasonable wear and tear will be replaced at no cost to the cardholder as long as you bring back the old card for replacement. The Campus Life and Leadership Office reserves the right to assess a $5 replacement fee for replacement of a card that is damaged due to neglect, misuse, or improper care, at the office’s determination and discretion.

The fee to replace a lost card is $5. Replacement cards can be obtained from the Security Office outside of normal business hours. 


342 Reilly Hall, Campus Center, 315-445-4591

The Office of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity provides a broad range of programs and activities designed to expand and enhance opportunities for success and achievement for students of color. 

In addition to programs of general interest, cultural programs and lectures that focus on Native American, African-American, Asian-American and Latino-American life are presented throughout the academic year. In addition, the office also supports an array of new curriculum, instructional materials, media and pedagogical methods that reflect contemporary scholarly information that deals with key issues of race, ethnic studies, gender and cultural pluralism.


18 Mitchell Hall, 315-445-4565
Campus Technology

Le Moyne College provides the College community with a wide variety of computing resources for instruction, research, administrative and other uses related to its academic mission. Campus residence halls provide network connectivity to many computing resources through student-owned computers. Additionally, computing labs – containing Windows and/or Macintosh systems and laser printers – are located throughout the campus for instructional software delivery and academic computing. All locations have high speed access to the Internet.

Students should be aware of the below referenced policies and standards policies as they apply to their use of technology resources:

·         Le Moyne College Acceptable Usage Policy;

·         Le Moyne College assigns computing accounts to all members of the College community for exclusive use by the assignee;

·         Users are responsible for protecting the security of their accounts and the information accessible by these accounts and are not permitted to share account information with other parties without exclusive permission of the chief information officer or his/her designee.  Those who allow others to use their account, either intentionally or accidentally, will be held fully accountable;

·         Fraudulent or unauthorized use of College or external computing systems is strictly prohibited.


445-4330, Circulation desk, 315-445-4325

The Noreen Reale Falcone Library serves the research needs of the Le Moyne community. The library homepage provides access to research materials in all disciplines, in a variety of formats. Users can seek reference assistance via email; in a live, virtual chat; by phone; or in person. Faculty can request library instruction to support a course or specific assignment. In addition to traditional interlibrary loan nationwide, the library is also part of the ConnectNY consortium, which provides quick access to other New York academic library collections. Several different library rooms are available for reservation by campus or community members. A wireless network provides access for users of laptop computers and mobile devices. In addition to database subscriptions, the library currently houses over multiple volumes, e-books, print journals, e-journals, graphic materials, sound recordings and video recordings.

Wilson Art Gallery

The Wilson Art Gallery is housed on the first floor of the library, and is operated by a committee consisting of faculty, administrators and students. Throughout the year, it sponsors six exhibits of the work of local, regional and national artists, concluding with the annual Student Art Show in April.


The Rev. N. James Polney, a retired United Methodist minister, established this loan fund in 1961 for the exclusive use of Le Moyne students who find themselves temporarily short of spending money for social and recreational purposes. The fund is administered by the Campus Life and Leadership Office. The rules established for the use of this fund are available in the Office of Campus Life and Leadership.


Recreation Center, 315-445-4411

Le Moyne’s recreation center, a 47,000-square-foot facility, is connected to the campus side of the Thomas J. Niland Jr. Athletic Complex. This facility is designed primarily for intramurals, recreational use and personal fitness activities. It houses a 25-yard, competition-size swimming pool, a large fitness center and weight room, state of the art Wellness Studio, a large (three-court size) multi-purpose gym area, an elevated jogging track, two racquetball courts and athletic offices.

The recreation center provides a wide variety of recreational and fitness outlets for students and staff. A broad range of inter- and intra-residence hall programs is available to enhance the overall quality of recreational activity on the campus. Hours of operation and policies for use of the recreation center are posted and available at the beginning of each semester. The recreation center phone number is 315-445-4257.

Club Sports
Club sports at Le Moyne offer students the opportunity to participate in activities that interest them with others who have a comparable level of skill. Le Moyne feels strongly that club sports are an important part of the entire athletic picture. All of our teams are provided qualified coaches, practice facilities, equipment and transportation. The contact person for club sports is David Willard (315-445-4257).

High participation in intramurals has long been a tradition at Le Moyne. Between 50 percent and 60 percent of the students take part in a variety of activities. Student leadership in officiating, establishing rules, and guidelines and supervision is a major factor in the success of the intramural programs. Major sports offered include football, basketball, soccer, coed volleyball, coed wallyball, coed indoor soccer, softball and coed softball. Students are encouraged to suggest and promote new activities. If you are interested in participating in intramural sports at Le Moyne College, visit the athletics department website for all the updated information ( Contact person: David Willard (315-445-4257).

Use of the Athletic Center, Recreation Center
The following rules have been established for the use of the recreation center:

1. All Le Moyne College students, employees and alumni, upon presentation of a valid ID card, retain the privileges to use the facilities during designated hours.
2. Each user must show his/her ID card at the entrance. Le Moyne IDs are not transferable to another individual for any reason. It is the responsibility of the card holder to retain the card while using the facility. The control room is not responsible for ID cards, keys or any other personal belongings.
3. Members must sign in a guest at the information desk before entering the facility. Guests are not allowed to use the facility unless the membership holder is present.
4. All dependents under 18 years of age must be accompanied by their parent/guardian membership holder at all times.
5. The College is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
6. The College assumes no responsibility for injuries resulting from use of the recreation center.
7. It is the responsibility of the user to be aware of and to follow all posted and written regulations governing the use of various facility areas.
8. No food or drink is allowed outside the lounge/snack area.
9. No street shoes or black-soled shoes are permitted in any activity areas.
10. Equipment must be used properly and only in the appropriate areas.
11. You must supply your own towels and soap.
12. Obscene language and obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated. Le Moyne reserves the right to expel or prohibit persons or groups from using any area of the facility when their behavior is deemed inappropriate.
13. Users of lockers must provide their own locks. There is no overnight use of lockers. Locks left on lockers will be removed.
14. Pool wear is required when using the pool. A soap shower is required before swimming. 
15. Any person not in possession of a valid Le Moyne College ID or membership ID will not be allowed access to the facility. Pay per use for nonmembers is not available.
16. There is a $5 replacement fee for any membership card that has been lost, stolen or damaged.

The College reserves the right to change or add regulations as deemed necessary. Therefore, all rules regarding the use of the facilities may not be contained in this list; however, each student is expected to be aware of all existing rules and is expected to comply with them.


Second floor, Grewen Hall, 315-445-4456

The primary function of the Office of the Registrar is to maintain accurate academic records of all students registered in the College and to organize and facilitate registration activity. This includes timely grade recording, comprehensive grade reporting, transcript maintenance and course scheduling. 

The Office of the Registrar is service oriented, committed to meeting the needs of the students and the rest of the College community. Our services to students include: enrollment verification, posting transfer credit, transcript requests, senior degree audits, degree conferral and diplomas. 

The Office of the Registrar ensures the privacy and security of all student records. In compliance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the College will not release grades over the phone or via email. A student may have access to his or her records with proper identification. All requests for transcripts must be in writing. A student may request an official transcript by writing to: 

The Office of the Registrar Le Moyne College 1419 Salt Spring Road Syracuse, NY 13214-1301 or by fax (315) 445-4752

The cost of a transcript is $5.00 per copy. In accordance with College policy, the registrar’s office will not release transcripts and diplomas of students with an outstanding financial obligation to the College.

Further information regarding the Office of the Registrar services may be obtained by visiting our website at


Basement, Nelligan Hall, 315-445-4444

The campus shuttle service travels throughout campus transporting students to and from College-owned properties. The shuttle runs each evening from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. The van starts at the top and bottom of each hour from Harrison/St. Mary’s. Look for shuttle information in the lobby of all residence halls or online. Call the security office at 315-445-4444 for additional information

342 Reilly Hall, 315-445-4597/1st Floor, Noreen Falcone Library, 315-445-4177

The Student Success Center provides support to students by coordinating services pertaining to orientation, academic advising, academic support, tutoring, and global education.  All students are assigned an academic advisor to help them throughout their education.  These advisors are faculty members from their major discipline or other specially trained staff when students are undeclared. They advise students regarding degree requirements, majors, minors, grades, academic progress and problems. Students are encouraged to seek guidance from their advisors regularly and, more importantly, to get to know them on a personal level.  


Personal cellular telephones are commonly used on campus for students to connect to family and friends. Telephone service is not available within the residence hall rooms or suites, so all students are encouraged to bring and use their personal cell phones. Emergency telephones have been provided within the residence halls to contact the Le Moyne College Security Office (315-445-4444), or for direct 911 dialing.


Seton Hall, 315-445-4195/315-445-4440 

Health Services
Health Services is open to all students. It is located in Seton Hall and is staffed by registered nurses 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday when school is in session. Medical coverage is provided by a physician assistant. Referrals to specialists off-campus, such as dental, x-ray, physical therapy and allergy injections, can be arranged through the health services office.

Health Services offers medical care, including emergency first-aid, treatment for injuries and illnesses, medical and nursing consultations and health-related counseling, laboratory tests and other diagnostic procedures ordered by the physician assistant or the student’s private physician. Off-campus consultations such as X-rays, dental, physical therapy and other referrals may be arranged through this service. 

Counseling Services
College life can be quite stressful at times. Concerns can arise about academics, relationships, family, mental health issues and sometimes just overall emotional well-being. It is a sign of intelligence and courage to recognize when you may need help, and asking for help is also the first step in solving many difficulties.

To support students in building resiliency and finding healthy and productive ways to address their concerns, counseling services are on the 2nd floor of Romero Hall and offers:

• Our Web page, where there is information about the center, our services, our staff and various common concerns of college students.
• Individual counseling, by calling 315-445-4195 to make an appointment, or on a walk-in basis as available.
• Special events and programming related to prevention, stress management and student wellness.
• Substance abuse issues and concerns are also addressed at the Wellness Center for Health and Counseling. Assessment, individual counseling, support and educational groups are available.
• Brochures, books, CDs and DVDs are available. 
• Consultation with students, parents, faculty and staff.

Health and mental health professionals from the Wellness Center may develop and oversee a range of integrated services for students with eating disorders or in recovery for addiction and substance abuse issues. 

For specific information consult, call 315-445-4195, or visit the center in Seton Hall). Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., during the academic year. In an emergency after hours, call Campus Security at 315-445-4444.  Some services are available during the summer months, though not fully staffed.