Welcome to the Finance and Administration Division.  Our goal is to provide excellence in leadership and fiscal services in support of the Le Moyne College primary mission and the Strategic Master Plan.

Areas of responsibility within the division are:

  •         Strategic financial planning
  •         Budget development and control
  •         Investment management
  •         Stewardship of the College's assets
  •         Strong ethical standards in accounting principles
  •         Human Resource and Payroll administration
  •         Facilities management and master planning
  •         Campus technology infrastructure
  •         Risk management administration
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Locations & Contacts

The Accounts Payable Office is located in Grewen Hall 209G
(315) 445-4176
(315) 445-6028 - Fax 

The Vice President  and the Associate Vice President are located in Grewen Hall 320
(315) 445-4174

The Bursar's Office is located in Grewen Hall, Room 209G 
(315) 445-4350
Fax: (315) 445-6007

The Payroll Office is located in  
Grewen Hall,  Room 209F
(315) 445-4360

Purchasing is located in Physical Plant
(315) 445-4510 or 4511
(315) 445-4650 (fax)

Offices are open Monday - Friday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm