Research & Development Committee Policies and Procedures

Updated 08/30/17
Le Moyne College exists primarily for the intellectual life of its students and faculty. Intellectual life cannot be maintained, much less flourish, without constant growth. Therefore, the College encourages all members of its faculty to engage in scholarly research and the development of new teaching skills and competencies. Research and teaching are the province of the faculty. The faculty traditionally has the authority and responsibility for formulating and administering policy concerning all programs of institutional support for faculty research, development, and sabbatical leaves.

At Le Moyne College the Committee on Faculty Research and Development functions as a standing committee of the Faculty Senate. In the Constitution of the Faculty Senate the duties and functions of the Committee are described as follows:

"The Committee on Faculty Research and Development shall review and administer all programs of institutional support for faculty research, development, and sabbatical leaves and shall encourage and assist faculty in securing outside funding for research and development activities." 

In its role as a standing committee of the Faculty Senate the Committee receives charges from the Executive Board of the Faculty Senate and makes recommendations regarding them for the endorsement of the Executive Board. Additionally the Committee reports, for the endorsement of the Executive Board, any changes it wishes to implement in the policies and procedures for the programs it administers. The programs are:

  1. Research & Development Grants
  2. Summer Stipends
  3. Nancy C. Ring Summer Curricular Development Stipends
  4. Sabbatical Projects
  5. Incidental Reimbursements
  6. Course Load Reductions
  7. The Athanasius Kircher Senior Researcher Fellowship
  8. Carhart Study Abroad Curricular Development Stipend

The Committee makes decisions concerning the allocation of funds for research and development, the awarding of summer stipends, the distribution of course load reductions, and technology grants. These decisions are reported to the Chief Academic Officer upon whose approval they become effective. The Committee presents its recommendations regarding sabbatical projects to the President of the College whose prerogative it is to grant such leave. The Committee submits regular reports on its work to the meetings of the Executive Board of the Faculty Senate and at the end of each semester provides a summary of grant and stipend awards and incidental reimbursements to the Faculty Senate.

Liaison for the Faculty with the Academic Dean and Office of Institutional Advancement

The Committee is responsible for liaison with the Provost, Deans, and the Office of Institutional Advancement on matters affecting the faculty's research and development needs. Since the demand for grants typically exceeds the Committee's resources, the Committee encourages faculty members to seek grants from external sources, and to enlist the services of the Office for Institutional Advancement regarding grant opportunities and assistance with grant writing. In particular, external funding should be sought for large, costly, long-term projects. The Committee reserves the right to consult with the Provost and Deans about proposals it receives and about interests of faculty members which fall outside its programs. 

Advocacy of Faculty Research and Development

Le Moyne College encourages its faculty members to engage in pedagogical development and scholarly research. It designates excellence in teaching and research as factors in determining promotions and salary increases. It is important, therefore, that teaching and faculty assignments be limited to permit time for research and development. In order to develop appropriate pedagogy and to carry out research in their various fields, faculty members also need appropriate support services, such as secretarial assistance and computer technology. The Committee serves as an advocate for these interests and of the research and development needs of the faculty.

Financial Records and Annual Budget

It is the responsibility of the Committee to monitor Committee expenditures and, in cooperation with the Office of Financial Services, to keep appropriate records. The Committee also has the responsibility of preparing projected and revised budgets for submission to the Provost by the deadlines set by the College Controller.

Review of Committee Policies and Procedures

The Committee will review its policies and procedures whenever the need arises. A proposal for change in the Committee's policies and procedures may be initiated by a faculty member, an academic department, the Chief Academic Officer of the College, the Executive Board of the Faculty Senate, or the Committee. The Committee will review all proposals and those approved by the Committee will be forwarded to the Executive Board of the Faculty Senate for ratification. All ratified changes are subject to the final approval of the Chief Academic Officer of the College in accordance with the Constitution of the Faculty Senate.


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