The Purchasing department is available to assist with any procurement requests.  Zoom & in-person meetings with Purchasing may be scheduled any time between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm Monday–Friday by emailing [email protected]. Orders submitted to the Purchasing department will be processed within 5 business days.   Receiving is performed once a week, and items received will take up to 10 business days from date of receiving to be delivered to the designated office location. Please direct all inquiries to [email protected] or call extension 4510.  

***As a reminder, all purchases that exceed $10,000 require a minimum of 3 written quotes to be attached to the purchase requisition and if the lowest cost is not selected, written justification of why is required.    

The Le Moyne College Procurement Department supports the educational, instructional, and research missions of the College. The Purchasing Office is the centralized point through which all academic and facility-related materials are procured.  We work closely with local partners and preferred vendors to find solutions to support the needs of our campus community by utilizing a best-price practice and maintaining a high standard of responsible spending.

The Purchasing Department's responsibilities include:
  • Identifying supplier sources for equipment, supplies, and services
  • Preparing bid specifications and formal requests for quotations and proposals
  • Evaluating competitive bids; awarding and coordinating contracts
  • Ensuring the College receives the lowest possible price for goods and services while meeting all delivery and requisitioner specifications
Le Moyne College seeks to develop mutually beneficial business relationships with vendors capable of delivering Best Total Value.  Best Total Value is driven by College business needs and includes a number of components including: total cost of ownership, quality of goods provided or services performed, supplier responsiveness and account service, localized supply and supplier willingness to share risk and provide resources.

How to Make a Purchase

Purchases requiring a purchase order: Please complete the Purchase Requisition Form or prepare a written request and forward to the Purchasing Department.  A Purchase Order will be completed based on the information you provide and sent to the appropriate vendor.  Purchase orders are not required for the following:
  • Advertisements
  • Conference / Registration Fees
  • Transportation
  • Consultants / Professional Fees
  • Dues / Memberships
  • Honoraria / Stipends
  • Insurance payments
  • Subscriptions
  • Awards and prizes
  • Temporary Help
  • Postage
  • Travel Related Expenses

General Requests:  Faculty and staff may request to procure materials through the Purchasing office via email or purchase requisition.  Every request must include the account number against which the purchase will be billed.  All requests must have the approval of the account budget officer or authorized approver.  Any requests being made for a student organization or club must be submitted by the Office of Campus Life, or that group's club moderator.  Please note: students should not be engaging with external vendors for the purposes of transacting business on behalf of the college.

Office Supplies: Le Moyne College continues to partner with Hummel's Office Plus as our exclusive office products provider.  Please use the link below to go directly to the Hummel's site for online ordering. To set up new accounts or add users, please contact the Purchasing Department.  

 Click here for a link to Hummel's Office Plus online store

Office Materials & Miscellaneous Supplies:  The college is partnered with a host of vendors, retailers, and service providers.  If you're looking for something specific that might be classified outside of a traditional office supply, please contact our office so we can ask our various partners to prepare quotes.  

Amazon Purchases: Le Moyne utilizes an Amazon Business-Prime account; all campus offices should submit requests to procure materials from Amazon to the Purchasing office.  Departments should not be placing orders directly, or enrolling in individual Prime memberships.  Please note, all requests will first be filled via contracted or preferred vendors prior to actually submitting an order to Amazon.

Computer Equipment/Software:  All computing items (equipment/software/etc.) are purchased by the IT department.  Reimbursement for individual purchases of computing equipment and software will only be granted with written prior approval from the IT Director or his/her designee.  Additionally all computer equipment must be brought to the IT department to be tagged and inventoried. Please contact the IT Director directly with any questions regarding computing equipment purchases.

***Notice Regarding Procurement Requests - Adequate advance notice is required when submitted requests.  Please expect a minimum of one week from time of request submission to the delivery of requested materials for any standard purchases.  Any non-standard requests may require additional time for orders to be sourced and placed, and for materials to then be delivered.***


 Competitive Quotes

1) All procurement transactions shall be conducted in a manner to provide to the maximum extent practical, open and free competition. Individuals shall be alert to organizational conflicts of interest as well as noncompetitive practices among contractors that may restrict or eliminate competition or otherwise restrain trade.  When costs are similar preference should be given to women and minority businesses.

2) Purchases under $10,000 do not require multiple quotes; however, the purchase price must be competitive, fair and reasonable.

3) Purchases over $10,000 but not exceeding $300,000 require at least three competitive written quotes by competing vendors.  Documentation of all quotes must be attached to the Purchase Order. If the low quote is found to be unacceptable, there must be written justification from the Budget Officer or Department Chair for not accepting the lowest quote.  Submit documentation with PO.

 Competitive Bids or Proposals

Purchases of goods or services over $300,000 require a formal bid or request for proposal process. The project lead will be responsible for managing the formal bid or proposal process and maintaining the documentation for seven years.  The project lead should coordinate with the Controller prior to starting the formal bid or proposal process.  

 Federal and State Grants

Federal and state grants will follow standard college procedures, with the exception that they still must meet all agency requirements and have sufficient available budget in the category before submitting any requests.  These requests receive extra scrutiny and require purchases be made via MWBE vendor, not preferred.  Questions should be directed to [email protected].

Purchase Orders exceeding $10,000 but less than $150,000 that are being funded by a federal grant must have 3 competitive quotes.  Please note that this regulation refers to the purchase order in total, and not to individual items on the purchase order. Therefore one purchase order including several individual items, each under $10,000 but adding up to $10,000 or more in aggregate is subject to the 3 quote requirement. If the lowest quote is found to be unacceptable, there must be written justification from the Budget Officer or Department Chair for not accepting the lowest quote.  Submit documentation with PO.

Purchases $150,000 or greater from federal funds must be performed through a formal bid or request for proposal.

 Sole Source

If a particular vendor or brand-name product is specified on the purchase request, and the originating department requests to have the purchase order awarded on any basis other than a competitive one, sufficient documentation justifying why it is not possible or practical to award the order to any vendor or for any brand name product, other than the one specified, must accompany the purchase request.  If a specific product isn't available from an alternate source; or if a specific product doesn't have a comparable equivalent substitution, documented justification for sole-source conditions must accompany request.

 Conflict of Interest Vendors

Vendors that have a financial interest or related party at the College (see definition in Le Moyne College’s Conflict of Interest Policy) are required to have board approval before each use of that vendor.

Purchasing Contact

Please send all requests and inquiries to the Purchasing Department via email at [email protected].

Contact extension 4510 for any questions.


Preferred Vendors

Not sure where to find what you're looking for? Try these sellers:
  • Grainger
  • Fisher Scientific
  • Home Depot & Lowe's
  • B&H Photo Video
  • Medline

Please note, vendor and/or Contractor shall comply with all local, state and federal laws, codes, ordinances, rules and regulations, and all College policies, procedures and directives, applicable to such activities.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, while present on College premises, Vendor and/or Contractor, its employees, agents and subcontractors shall comply with all College policies with respect to matters including but not limited to parking, facilities usage, identification and personal conduct.


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