Forms You'll Need

Cover Form All applicants must submit one of the following forms, according to the level of perceived risk involved in their study. Important: All Forms A, B, and C were updated in June 2023::
  • Form A - Exempt from IRB oversight (pdf)
  • Form A - Exempt from IRB oversight (Word)
  • Form B - Expedited review (pdf)
  • Form B - Expedited review (Word)
  • Form C - Full board review (pdf)
  • Form C - Full board review (Word)

Research Outline All researchers must submit a detailed Research Outline (Form RO) with their applications. Please follow the instructions and guidelines carefully when completing this form.

Consent forms With few exceptions, all applicants must submit the necessary consent form(s). Please follow the instructions carefully for completing the adult consent from; these instructions can be adapted for other types of consent forms as well.

Other Forms 

All human subjects-related changes to IRB approved studies (Form A/B/C) must be reviewed and approved by the IRB co-chairs prior to their implementation, unless immediate steps must be taken to protect subjects from imminent grave harm or risk. The IRB must be notified as soon as possible when unforeseen events necessitate an immediate change in procedure.

Upon completion of all Form C approved research projects, the Project Closure Form must be submitted to the Institutional Review Board. Researchers of Form A and B studies do not need to submit this form.

IRB approval is valid for one year. All approved Form C research projects must apply for and receive continuing approval from the IRB if the research will continue or resume after the initial one-year approval period. Consent forms that have the IRB approval stamp must be submitted with this form so that they can be stamped with a new approval date.