College Policies & Procedures

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Permanent and local address changes and official name changes should be filed in the registrar’s office. Please note that a name change needs to be accompanied by an original legal document indicating a change has taken place (i.e., a marriage certificate or a divorce decree).

The learning process takes many shapes. It can range from formal classroom instruction to one-on-one discussion to taking advantage of internships and research opportunities. While the College does not have an attendance policy, each instructor is permitted to establish their own policy in each course syllabus. Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes and observe the attendance requirements of each instructor that are listed in the course syllabus. In the event that a student is unable to attend a class due to an illness, accident, family death or religious holiday, the individual should refer to the Policy on Student Absenteeism.

A notation will be added to the official Le Moyne College  transcript of  students found responsible for a violation of the College’s Code of Conduct that meets the definition of a crime of violence pursuant to the Federal Clery Act and is sanctioned with suspension, dismissal or expulsion. For a student that is suspended or dismissed, the transcript notation will read: “Suspended after a finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation” or “Dismissed after a finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation.”

A student may appeal, seeking removal of a transcript notation, (only for suspensions and dismissals) provided that the notation shall not be removed prior to one year after the conclusion of their sanction.  Written appeals must be submitted to the Asst. Dean for Student Development one year after the conclusion of their sanction. The Asst. Dean, in consultation with other College officials, will review and accept or deny the appeal. The student will be notified in writing and, if the appeal is granted, the notation will be removed within ten business days upon receipt of the appeal.

For a student that is expelled, the transcript notation will read: “Expelled after a finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation”. This notation is permanent and cannot be removed.

For a student that withdraws from the College while such cases are pending and declines to complete the conduct process, the transcript will read: “Withdrew with conduct charges pending”. This notation will stand until the conduct process is complete.

In all cases, an administrative hold will be placed on the student’s record. The hold will prevent future registrations, distribution of transcripts and/or diplomas and may only be removed with permission of the Asst. Dean for Student Development.

Students at Le Moyne College are not authorized to sign contracts or enter into any legally binding agreement on behalf of the College. If any student, regardless of age, signs any legal agreement or contract, the student does so as an individual and at the student’s own risk. The College is not a party to, nor legally responsible for, any such contract or agreement. A representative of a student club or organization may not act as an agent of the College and must not represent himself or herself as such an agent. The College will not be held responsible for any contract signed or any debt incurred by an individual student or student organization.

Cellular phones and other electronic devices shall not be used in a manner that causes disruption in the classroom, library, within other College buildings or facilities, or at College events (e.g., lectures, Masses, etc.). This includes abuse of cellular phones or electronic devices with photographic capability.

It is important that the capacity limit of 12 persons be observed in campus elevators. State laws prohibit smoking in elevators. In the case of a building emergency, the elevators should not be used. An out-of-order elevator should be reported immediately to the residence hall director and security. Tampering with elevators will result in disciplinary action.

When the fire alarm is activated in any building on campus, it requires all occupants of that building to leave immediately. If a fire is discovered, evacuate the building and then contact the security office at 315-445-4444.

The College strongly advises all students and/or families to discuss procedures to be followed with their health maintenance or managed-care provider when they are out of their local service area. Students should have their insurance card in their possession at all times.

All students will be issued an ID (“Dolphin Card”) through the Office of Campus Life and Leadership. All students must carry their ID cards with them at all times and present them to College personnel upon request. Loss of an ID card should be reported to the Office of Campus Life and Leadership. There is a $5 replacement fee. Students found responsible for any fraudulent use of a college ID card will be subject to disciplinary action and fined.

Per New York State Guidelines, all Le Moyne students taking 6 or more credits born after 1956, must provide proof of 2 MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccines or titers proving immunity; AND a Meningitis ACWY vaccine within the last 5 year, OR the completed Meningitis B series, OR a signed Meningitis waiver which is available with the other health forms on the dolphin portal. 

Registration may be delayed or denied until these records are approved and on file in the health office. Students that are not in compliance may receive a $2,000 fine. 

The operations and activities of a residential College such as Le Moyne College necessitate that the campus remain open with essential services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Therefore, the College never fully closes or ceases operations. The default position in the event of inclement weather is that classes and all other activities will continue as scheduled, and cancellations or delays will be kept to an absolute minimum. Students, faculty, and staff should plan in advance accordingly.

In the event of extraordinary inclement weather conditions that affect the normal operations of the College, the information regarding the changes will be disseminated in three ways:

1. Outgoing message on the College’s main line: 315-445-4100
2. Posting on the College’s Web site, www.Le
3. Utilization of the Heights Alert emergency notification system


All personal property whether in a student’s room, storage area or elsewhere on College property, shall be kept at the sole risk of the student. The College shall not be liable for damage to or loss of property of any kind which may be lost or stolen, damaged or destroyed by any cause. Students are advised to obtain insurance coverage necessary for such potential loss.

The library serves both the College community and members of the greater community. As such, there are a number of important policies that help keep resources and services available to it’s patrons. For more information on the Library and these policies please refer to the library’s website.

Loan Periods for Books
All circulation transactions require a current Le Moyne ID. Undergraduate students may check out books for a period of three weeks, with one additional three-week renewal, unless the book is overdue or someone else is waiting for it. Junior and senior integral honors students, as well as graduate students, may check out books for one semester, with one renewal. For these students, books are due on the last day of classes.

Renewals for Books 
Books may be renewed for one additional loan period either in person (with or without the books), by phone (315-445-4325), or online by logging into My Account in the library online catalog. Books may only be renewed once, and then must be returned for at least one day to give others a chance to use them.

Loan Periods for Audiovisual Materials
Films and audio materials may be checked out for five days, with one renewal. Only Le Moyne College students, staff and faculty may check out these materials. A $5 fine per video will be assessed once it is more than one day overdue. Materials on reserve must be used in the library.

Overdue Materials
Overdue notices are sent to Le Moyne email accounts. Policies vary by patron and material type. For a full explanation, please see the library’s web page under “Policies”. 

Once materials are eight days overdue, they cannot be renewed, but must be returned to the library, and can be checked out again the following day. If books are not returned within seven days of the due date, fines will be levied and circulation privileges are suspended.

Overdue materials and fines are sent to the bursar’s office before the end of the semester.

Students who have not registered for the following semester must return materials on the last day of classes, and after that date will not be able to check out materials until they are registered again. If former students, including alumni, wish to borrow materials from the library, they may do so by filling out a form and becoming a special patron.

Policies for this group of patrons differ from those of students, faculty, and staff, and may be found on the library web page.

Patron Conduct
All patrons must adhere to the Patron Code of Conduct, which can be found on the library’s website, In respect for the rights of others, patrons should remember the following principles when using the facility and materials:

1. The library’s collections exist primarily to serve students. Prompt return of materials borrowed helps to ensure that as many students as possible will be able to use these collections.

2. The library strictly enforces New York State law [N.Y. Civ. Prac. Law, Section 4509 (Consol. 1982)] maintaining the confidentiality of circulation records and non-disclosure of a borrower’s name without consent of the borrower.

3. The first floor of the library is designed for computing and collaborative work while much of the second floor is designated as a quiet study area. Patrons should behave accordingly in these two separate zones.

4. Photocopiers and scanners are available for patrons to copy information in non-circulating materials such as periodicals, reference books, and course reserves. Patrons should keep in mind the regulations that delineate fair-use photocopying of copyrighted materials. These regulations are posted at the photocopiers.

5. To prevent damage to the library’s collections and furnishings, care should be taken when eating and drinking. Please dispose of your containers in the garbage receptacles located around the library.

6. Patrons should exit through the security gate at the library’s main exit. The library reserves the right to inspect belongings for library materials that have not been properly checked out. Individual cases of library theft or abuse of library property is referred to the student development office or the local police as appropriate


A limited number of lockers are available in the Campus Center, second floor. Commuter students can reserve a locker at the Office of Campus Life and Leadership. In the event of a fire, the College may find it necessary to break a lock. Students must empty their lockers at the conclusion of each academic year. Lockers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.


Found articles may be turned in to, and lost articles may be claimed at, the security office in Nelligan Hall. Unclaimed articles will be donated to a local charity after 45 days.


Supplement to The Right of Demonstration, Assembly and Protest adopted by the Le Moyne College board of trustees, summer 1969, and submitted to the state of New York in compliance with state law. If anyone or any group obstructs the officially sponsored activities of the College, if anyone or any group interferes with the maintenance of public order on the campus, if anyone or any group substitutes force for rational orderly persuasion, they will be dealt with accordingly by College officials. A disruption of public order, as understood by Le Moyne, is any action, incitement to action or provocation that interferes significantly with College operations; any action that interferes with the movement of individuals, the free expression of ideas by others or restraint by physical force; or any act that would legally constitute disorderly conduct or disturbance of the peace.

If it is determined that a disruption of College activity or a threat to the public has occurred, the following steps will be taken in order:

1. The participants will be informed of the specific nature of their violation and asked to cease and desist immediately. The participants will be asked to present their College ID cards. If they have none to present, they will be told that they are trespassers and will be treated as such by legal authorities if the disruption does not stop immediately. 
2. If the disruption stops, all student participants will be told to appear before a hearing of the judicial board. 
3. If the disruption continues after warning, the College has two options: 
a. The Le Moyne College board of trustees or its designee will ask for a court injunction for trespass and/or disorderly conduct. When and if the injunction is secured, local law authorities will serve the injunction and treat all participants as trespassers under the law; or 
b. Police will be called immediately and asked to stop the disruption with a minimum use of force. 
4. If an injunction is secured, or if the police are called, and after the immediate problem is disposed of, the student participants will be referred to the asst. dean for student development.


Students with special medical needs should seek consultation and make proper arrangements with personnel from the Wellness Center for Health and Counseling.


Students are encouraged to designate an individual as an emergency contact (to be contacted by Le Moyne College in the event the student is officially reported as missing) by completing the requested information on their respective Housing Key Form or submitting the information to the Office of Campus Life and Leadership. Security will conduct an investigation into the whereabouts of any reported missing student. In any case where the student cannot be located or additional assistance is deemed necessary, Security will contact the local police department and the appropriate College officials. Once Le Moyne Security determines that a student has been missing for more than 24 hours, the following notification will occur:

1. If the missing student is under the age of 18, Le Moyne will notify the custodial parent or legal guardian; 
2. If the missing student is 18 or older and has identified an emergency contact, Le Moyne will contact the emergency contact identified by the student. 
Any concerns or questions regarding a student who is missing or appears to be missing should be referred to Campus Security.


Please follow these easy steps to obtain your parking permit:

  1. Go to:  
  2. Returning users enter “User Name” and “Password”
  3. New Users Click on: "BUY PERMIT"
  4. Enter your college I.D. # (# directly above your name, last (7) seven #'s only!)
  5.  Enter your last name
  6. The site will show you what permit you are pre-approved for.  If it is correct click on "ADD ITEM"
  7. Follow the prompts
  8. If mailing the permit to Le Moyne: enter your residence hall and room number or office location
  9. Before exiting the site remember to print a temporary permit
  10. The actual parking permit will arrive in the mail in 7-10 days


Questions should be directed to Campus Security at: 315-445-4445




Le Moyne College extends to its students and employees the privilege of parking on campus. That privilege brings with it the responsibility to adhere to all parking regulations outlined in this policy. It is the responsibility of all students, faculty, staff and visitors to read and follow these regulations. Failure to comply may result in a parking ticket being issued, the vehicle being towed at the owner/operator’s expense, suspension of on campus parking privileges and/or disciplinary action being taken by the College. Use of any Le Moyne College parking lot requires proper display of a valid parking permit. Obtaining the required permit does not guarantee a parking space. Lack of available spaces does not justify violating the parking regulations.

Le Moyne’s parking lots are not designed to accommodate driving a vehicle to and from classes, meals, meetings, club activities or athletics. A vehicle should be considered a means to get to and from campus, not various points around campus. The College is configured in such a way that our parking lots connect to sidewalks and pathways that are designed to accommodate pedestrian traffic throughout the campus.

Because of the severe winter conditions, it may become necessary for all students to remove their vehicles from various parking lots when requested for snow removal (a 24-hour notice will be given). Vehicles that are not removed may be ticketed and towed. The College is not responsible for vandalism or theft from vehicles.


Student Parking Permits
All students bringing a vehicle to campus: resident, commuter, part-time and graduate, must register their vehicles. There is limited parking in our residential parking lots and these lots do sell out each year. Parking permits can be obtained online at: .

Students should have their vehicle registration, student I.D. and credit card available when registering online to ensure accurate information. Parking permits are required for all vehicles that will be parked on Le Moyne’s property. This includes residence halls, apartments, as well as College owned student houses. Vehicles parked at College owned houses cannot be parked on the lawn, blocking sidewalks or extending into the street.

Student Parking Fees
Resident Student Parking Fees:
First year student $500/year
Second year student $250/year
Third year student $150/year
Fourth year student + $100/year
Commuter Students $100/year

The fees outlined above include a $5.95 processing fee charged by iparq, regardless if the permit is purchased online or in person at Campus Security.

Additional student permits or replacement permits can only be purchased in person, at the Security Office, located in the basement of Nelligan Hall, Monday - Friday, between 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. The fee for an additional permit or replacement permit is $10.00.

Faculty/Staff Permits
All employee vehicles that will be parked on the Le Moyne Campus are required to have a valid parking permit. Parking permits can be obtained by going online to: . The first two permits are free. The fee for an additional permit or replacement permit is $10.00 and they can be obtained on the parking website. When registering your vehicle please have your vehicle registration, Le Moyne I.D. and credit card (third + permits only) available to ensure proper registration.

Faculty and staff may obtain new permits online at: These permits are valid through August 1, 2023.

Temporary Parking Permits
Temporary parking permits are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the Security Office, located in the basement of Nelligan Hall. The Temporary Parking Permit Form is available on the security website and can be completed prior to coming to the Security Office. The cost is $3.00 per day, which must be paid in cash or by check at the time the temporary permit is issued by security. There is no limit on the number of days, or temporary permits allowed for upper class students. First year students are limited to ten (10) days per year.

The $3.00 per day fee applies to students and their guests. All guests of students bringing a vehicle on campus are required to obtain a temporary parking permit at the Security Office. Student guests will be instructed which lot to park in by security personnel when the temporary permit is issued and cannot park in any other lot. The visitor parking spaces in Lot-EE and Lot-C are not for students or their guests. Those spaces are for guests coming to campus that have business with the College, i.e. Admissions, Human Resources, Bursar, etc.

• Temporary parking permits expire at midnight of each day.
• Temporary parking permits are not transferable.

**NOTE: Temporary parking permits are not required on weekends, which is defined as 12:00 p.m. Friday through 8:00 a.m. Monday morning.

Where Can I Park?
Commuter Student Parking
Lots Commuter students have three primary parking lots to park in
 Lot-A (front of the Recreation Center)
 Lot-AA (behind the Recreation Center)
 Lot-C (behind the Campus Center)

First year Resident Student Parking Lot
Le Moyne College allows a limited number of first year students to have a registered vehicle on campus. However, all first year resident students, regardless of resident hall assignment, are required to park in the back of Lot-E (Harrison Hall/St. Mary's) or may be assigned to the overflow lot, Lot-AAA (behind the Athletic Center).

Resident Student Parking Lots
Resident Student Parking is “Lot” specific as outlined below. Resident Students are not allowed to park in any other lot on campus, other than the lot designated on their Le Moyne College parking permit, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Between 4:30 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. Monday- Friday and on weekends, resident students may also park in Lots C, A or AA.
 Lot-D Upper class resident parking for Foery, Dablon and Nelligan Hall students
 Lot-E Harrison Hall/St. Mary's resident student parking and
• All first year parking
• Overflow parking for Townhouse & Mitchell Hall resident students
 Lot-G Junior & Senior parking for Townhouse & Mitchell Hall resident students only
 Lot-L/K Le Moyne Heights student parking Overflow Parking Lot –AAA is an overflow parking lot for any Le Moyne College parking permit holder
 Lot-AAA (gravel lot directly behind Athletic Center)

Faculty/Staff Parking Lots
Faculty/Staff may park in the following lots:
 Lot-A (in front of the Recreation Center)
 Lot-AA (behind the Recreation Center)
 Lot-C (behind the Campus Center)
 Lot-EE (Located in front of St. Mary’s and Harrison Hall)

Reserved Employee Parking Lots
The College has three reserved employee parking lots. These require a current faculty/staff parking permit and either a lot specific hanging tag (Lot-B) or controlled access gate fob (Lot-CC & Lot-P). Students are never allowed to park in any reserved parking lot. That includes: nights, weekends, summer and over breaks.
 Lot-B (behind Reilly Hall)
 Lot-CC (Lot-C Extension in Lot-D)
 Lot-P (next to the Chapel)

Handicap/Accessible Parking
A vehicle displaying a valid handicap/accessible permit and/or license plate will be allowed to park in any designated handicap/accessible parking space on campus. Violators will be ticketed and may be subject to immediate towing. The fine for parking in a handicap/accessible parking space is $50.

Visitor Parking
Certain parking areas are reserved to allow the College to accommodate the needs of visitors to campus. These areas are identified by signs and are "tow-away zones" for violating vehicles. All visitors must register their vehicles at the Security Office. Visitors having business with the College will be instructed by security personnel which parking lot to park in.

General Parking Information
1. Parking permits are non-refundable.
2. Parking permits are non-transferable, unless approved by Campus Security.
3. All vehicles (student, employees, visitors & guests) must be parked in assigned parking lots, with the parking permit properly displayed.
4. Vehicles that are parked in any campus lot without a valid parking permit will be ticketed. Four or more violations in any one academic year, the vehicle may be towed at the owner's/operator’s expense.
5. Any student who receives parking citations and does not pay the fine may not be allowed to register for classes for the next semester. Seniors will not receive their final transcripts.
6. From time to time it may be necessary for the College to change parking regulations or areas to meet certain safety conditions. It is the student’s responsibility to keep informed of such changes.
7. Students: resident, commuter, full-time, part-time, graduate and work study, are never allowed to park in any of the reserved parking lots, Lots B, CC or P. This includes during the summer.

Parking is prohibited in the following situations:
1. No permit
2. Permit not valid in parking lot
3. In restricted areas marked by signage, yellow curb/line markings
4. On any lawn areas (unless directed by Campus Security)
5. Parked in a handicap/accessible space
6. Parked in a fire lane or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
7. Double parked, extending a row, on a campus roadway or walkway
8. In areas marked by cones, barricades or otherwise marked to temporarily prevent parking
9. Parked in a visitor space
10. At the direction of a Campus Security Officer or other College Official charged with regulating parking.

The penalty for violating a parking regulation at Le Moyne is outlined below. All fines can be paid at . Fines cannot be paid in person at Campus Security.
1. Violation with permit Fine $20
2. No permit Fine $25
3. Handicap/Accessible Parking Violation Fine $50
4. Driving violation Fine $50
5. Warning Notice $0 A $10.00 late fee will be added to all tickets not paid within 15 days.

There will be a $10.00 surcharge for any DMV license plate check for unregistered vehicles.

 Improperly Obtaining Permits
Anyone found to have intentionally obtained a permit to which they are not entitled, display a forged/fictitious permit, display a permit that has been reported lost or stolen or otherwise attempt to defraud the Le Moyne College Parking System will be referred to the Student Development Office for disciplinary action. Fraudulently obtaining a permit or forging a parking permit is a crime. Any vehicle parked on campus in violation of the provisions outlined above will be subject to immediate towing at the owner/operators expense.

The towing of an automobile from campus will be restricted, whenever possible, to repeat violations (4 or more in any one academic year), as described above and for emergency situations such as blocked fire lanes, fire hydrants, roadways, parked in a handicap/accessible space or for preventing snow removal.

Ticket Appeal Process
An appeals process has been established to provide students with the opportunity to be heard and explain unusual circumstances surrounding the receipt of ticket. A student may appeal a ticket within 15 days of issuance (date of ticket) to the Parking Appeals Committee, by going to the website at: An email confirmation will be sent confirming receipt of the appeal. Do not pay for you ticket while your appeal is pending. When the Parking Appeals Committee has reviewed the appeal and rendered a decision an email will be sent with the Appeals Committee decision. The Appeals Committee is made up of three students and the Committee's decision is binding and final. Appeals will not be accepted after 15 days. Employees cannot appeal a ticket.

Paying For A Ticket
To avoid further penalties and resolve the citation, you must pay the fine indicated on the front of the ticket within 15 days from the date the ticket was issued. To pay go online to: or mail the ticket, along with a check or money order to SCAPAY - P.O. Box 2358, Santa Barbara, CA 93120-2358.  Billing Billing for unpaid tickets over 30 days old will be sent periodically to the bursar’s office for posting to the appropriate student account. Non student’s unpaid tickets will be forwarded to an outside vendor after 30 days for collection.



Le Moyne College is located on private property. As such, any professional photographers or videographers, or any non-professional individuals or groups who are not members of the College community may only obtain photos/video on the property of Le Moyne College with the permission of the Office of Communications.

Academic-based or College-sponsored and approved photography and videography involving members of the College community is generally allowed, so long as the photographer/videographer has permission of the individual subject(s), or when the photographing/videotaping is of a crowd or audience at an open public event where such photography/ videography is not otherwise prohibited or restricted. Nothing in this policy shall be construed to minimize or limit the rights that students have to control the disclosure of directory information, as set forth more fully in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Annual Notice. Le Moyne College reserves the right to prohibit or stop any photography/ videography that is disruptive, intrusive, or not in compliance with College policy or the law.

1. In the event of a student’s absence from class due to a death in his or her immediate family, the student (or member of his or her immediate family) is asked to contact Student Development before leaving campus or shortly thereafter. Please email Student Development at [email protected] and communicate the reason for the absence and date of expected return. Student Development will forward this information to the registrar who will notify the student’s instructors and advisor.

2. Upon returning to campus, it remains the students’ responsibility to contact his or her instructors and advisors to explain the absence and make arrangements for the completion of missed work and tests.

1. If illness or injury requires more than three consecutive days of hospital or home care, Health Services needs to be informed (315-445-4440). If the student has been treated by a doctor off campus, some documentation from that office will be expected. Health Services will then notify the registrar who will inform the student’s instructors, advisor and the appropriate academic dean. It is the student’s responsibility to contact his or her instructors, as soon as possible, to explain the absence and make arrangements for the completion of missed work or tests.

2. If emergency referrals for off-campus treatments or appointments for required physical examinations result in class absences, Health Services will issue the student written verification to present to instructors.

3. If infectious mononucleosis is diagnosed, the student will be issued verification and explanation of illness progression to discuss with involved instructors, advisor and the associate academic dean.

4. In the case of all other short-term health problems, including those treated by Health Services, it remains the student’s responsibility to contact his or her instructors to explain the absence and make arrangements for the completion of missed work or tests.

Faculty members may contact the Health Services for verification that a student was seen at the Health Services on a particular day and with a student’s written consent, this information will be discussed.

As provided in New York State Education Law Section 224-a, any student who is unable to register for class, attend class, or participate in any examination, study or classwork requirements on a particular day because of his or her religious beliefs is eligible for an equivalent opportunity to register for classes or make up any missed examination, study, or classwork requirements, without penalties or additional fees. Students who require such an opportunity must contact the registrar (for registration) or their instructor (for examination, study or classwork requirements) at least two weeks in advance. A full copy of the College's policy on the observance of religious holidays can be found at either dean's office.


Notices and posters must clearly state the organization sponsoring an event and other pertinent information including the date, time, place, contact name, phone number and admission charge. No anonymous posters will be allowed.

Notices and posters in the residence halls must be approved by the Area Director responsible for that building. Notices or posters should be posted only on bulletin boards in the administration or classroom buildings. Tape, staples or tacks may not be used to fasten notices to doors, moldings, woodwork, painted walls or windows.

Posters announcing an approved College or student group sponsored event will be approved provided the criteria set forth in this policy are met.

All posters must be sponsored by a recognized College office or student group, whose name shall appear prominently on the poster.

Poster approval does not imply College endorsement. Student Club Posters will be stamped for approval by the Campus Life and Leadership Office.

Posters will not be approved if any of the following apply:
They assert or imply official College approval of any viewpoints expressed.
They offend community standards of good taste. 
They contain language or symbols abusive or demeaning of specific social groups.
They deny respect for the dignity of individuals.
They appear libelous 
They encourage sale or use of alcohol or promote establishments selling alcohol.
They promote or facilitate any aspect of substance abuse.
They encourage or seek to incite specific illegal acts.
They promote goods or services sold for personal profit 
They are from persons or companies who are not a recognized office or student group.
They promote non-campus-related activities of commercial sponsors.

Posters promoting activities and events of other non-profit institutions and organizations may be approved in limited numbers provided they do not violate the other criteria listed here.

Posters may be hung on the first floor of the campus center. Anything hung on the outside of buildings must be approved by the physical plant director. Approval of posters and authorization to post notices on bulletin boards should be obtained from the Office of Campus Life and Leadership Programs. Postings may be brought to the Office of Campus Life and Leadership Programs and, upon approval, the Office of Campus Life and Leadership Programs will coordinate the hanging of the posters.

Posters may be placed in designated areas only and never on painted surfaces, walls, glass windows or doors. Each building has special requirements, so please note the following. If you have any questions about a particular building, please ask in the Campus Life and Leadership Office. The tape you use may damage the wall surface; masking tape works better than cellophane tape on some surfaces and vice versa. Please check the surface area before you use any adherent. Dual stick tape should never be used.

No off-campus group or organization is permitted to post advertising on the campus without prior approval from the Office of Campus Life and Leadership. This permission will be limited to two pieces of material.

All unauthorized, outdated or improperly affixed notices and posters will be removed, and the sponsoring organizations will be subject to penalty or fines. Persons posting notices and posters are responsible for their removal when they are outdated.

What we post:
• College-related news, events and announcements 
• Announcements related to service opportunities and charitable organization events that are endorsed or coordinated by the College 
What is not posted:
• Personal announcements
• Solicitations by noncollege personnel (this includes other schools’ fundraisers) 
When news is posted:
• Within 24 hours of submission
• News items will be continually updated or added during regular business hours

The web address for the submission form is Click on online submission and fill out all fields.

Non-Business Items/Community Announcements: 
The Office of Communications will post non-business items. Communications reserves the right to determine what non-business items will be posted. Postings may be edited due to space constraints. Items such as prayer requests must go through Campus Ministry for forwarding to The Dolphin Digest.

Official Notices
Official notices from administrative departments are posted on the bulletin board adjacent to the registrar’s office. This board is reserved for this purpose and may not be used by organizations for posters or other purposes.

Students may not leaflet, or cause or seek to permit leafleting by any third party, on any part of the Le Moyne College campus, including the parking lots, without the permission of the associate provost for student development.

Publicity for College Activities
The Office of Communications issues all information, news releases and advertisements pertaining to the College, and arranges for media coverage of all College events. As members of the media prefer to work with one central information source, it is important that contact with news outlets be made only through this office. 

The office also designs College advertisements and produces and edits publications, including posters and programs, for internal and external purposes. It maintains the College’s online events calendar on the Echo homepage and sends the daily campus e-newsletter, The Dolphin Digest. 

To promote campus events, visit at least three weeks prior to the event and click on "Submit your event to the College calendar." You will need to provide the following information: 

• What (brief description of event)
• Where (location, building, room number)
• When (day, date, time)
• Who (name of speaker)
• Audience (internal: for Le Moyne community; external: for public)• Contact (name and telephone number)

In the event of a cancellation, please notify a staff member in the Office of Communications immediately at 445-4555. He or she will contact all media who may have planned to attend your event. Echo is your link to the Office of Communications for posting College-related announcements and initiating publicity for upcoming events



Deaths: Students who experience a death, in their immediate family are asked to notify the Office of Student Development. In turn, the Office of Student Development will notify the Registrar, Campus Ministry, or others, as appropriate.

Emergencies: Students who experience a personal or family emergency are asked to notify their Area Director, or the Office of Student Development, especially if the emergency requires the student to leave campus or not attend classes for a short period of time (e.g., two days or more). While the primary reason for this is to provide any support possible to the affected student, a secondary reason is for the student’s well being and safety. For example, a student who is not on campus can then be accounted for during an emergency.

Illnesses: Students who are sick or must undergo a medical procedure or testing should notify the Wellness Center. If necessary, the Wellness Center will coordinate with the primary care physician or specialist any follow up treatment. If follow-up is not necessary, the student’s medical records with the Wellness Center should be updated to reflect the illness or medical issue being addressed so that the medical history is accurate and proper care may be provided in the future.

Leaving Campus 
Whenever a student will be off campus for a period of time, regardless of the reason, he or she should notify their Area Director or the Office of Student Development.

Notifying Professors/Instructors
As the central office for non-academic matters involving students, the Office of Student Development will notify the Registrar, Campus Ministry, and the Wellness Center, as appropriate, of situations involving deaths, family or personal emergencies, or illnesses. However, in all situations, students should notify their professors if they will miss class. The only exception would be if the situation is so extraordinary as to make it impossible for the student to do this. Professors are responsible for their classes, and students must make the necessary arrangements for missed class time and assignments directly with their professors.

Excused Absences
The Office of Student Development, Campus Ministry, and the Wellness Center, cannot provide notes excusing students from class and students should not ask for them.  See policy on Student Absenteeism in the Event of Illness or Accident.



The Campus Security Office is charged to ensure the safety of the campus, minimize crime or other behavioral problems, and maintain an appropriate academic and residential environment. In doing so, they provide a wide array of services that go beyond the traditional or minimal roles of a security force. Campus Security is authorized to monitor, prevent, investigate, and report any violations of state or federal law and/or College regulations or standards of conduct on campus.

Le Moyne’s campus is patrolled regularly by uniformed officers. In addition, the campus is monitored by a closed-circuit television/camera system. Cameras are located outside and inside many campus facilities, including residence halls and academic buildings.


Personal cellular telephones are commonly used on campus for students to connect to family and friends. Telephone service is not available within the residence hall rooms or suites, so all students are encouraged to bring and use their personal cell phones. Emergency telephones have been provided within the residence halls to contact the Le Moyne College Security Office (315-445-4444), or for direct 911 dialing.


Le Moyne College is the owner of its name, logos (including athletic logos and College seal), graphical identity, and other trademarks, and has sole discretion over their use.

The use of the Le Moyne College name, logos, or other trademarks is prohibited for the titles of publications, on manufactured articles (such as t-shirts or other articles of clothing), in the names of student organizations, or in any other way, without the approval of Le Moyne College. In addition, the use of Le Moyne’s name, logos, or other trademarks may be prohibited on certain items (such as lighters, toiletries, or alcoholic beverages). For students, request for permission and approval should be made to the Office of Student Development who in turn will contact the appropriate office for approval.

Violation of this policy may subject an individual or organization to disciplinary action. In addition, any goods upon which Le Moyne’s name, logos, or trademarks appear without authorization are subject to confiscation and may be destroyed.


Le Moyne College maintains a number of directories and address lists to facilitate personal contact between students, faculty, staff, alumni, and volunteers. No part of these directories or address lists may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Le Moyne College. Any use of the addresses or other information (including, but not limited to, the preparation of envelopes, mailing labels, or e-mail distributions) for any multiple mailing without the express written consent of Le Moyne College is prohibited.