Working on Campus

Here is where you can find the information you need!

There are a lot of great work opportunities for students right here on campus. Below is the information you need to find a position, fill out your payroll paperwork, and complete your timesheet, plus other information you will need as a student employee.

All student employment positions are listed on Handshake. To get started on your search, please visit or download the Handshake app. Below are some links that can help you navigate Handshake:
If you apply for a job that requires a resume or cover letter, please review the Resume & Cover Letter Guide from Career Advising & Development.

If you have questions about Handshake, resumes, interviewing, etc., please schedule an appointment with Career Advising though Handshake. If you can’t log into Handshake, please email [email protected].

Congratulations! You have a job. Now you probably want to get paid! This is the information you need to make sure you get set up properly in the payroll system.

Student Work Authorization Form…also known as the “SWAF”
When you are hired, your supervisor will make a request to the Student Employment Office in Financial  Aid for a Student Work Authorization Form, or SWAF for short. This form is an email that will go to your supervisor from [email protected]. Please make sure you follow the student instructions on this email and return it to [email protected] with your section  completed. This gets the process to get you set up started.

Payroll forms/Required ID verification
All new student employees must make an appointment with the Payroll Office in Grewen Hall 209-D to turn in paperwork and to verify that they can work in the United States. (Appointment link at the end of this section). Below is a list of the documents you will need to complete. Each one is available as a fillable pdf by clicking on the link. Please complete these forms as best you can and print them out to bring with you to your appointment. Don’t worry if you have questions, we will be more than happy to help you complete the forms when you come in. But if you get started, it will reduce the time you need to spend in the payroll office.
In addition to these forms, it is required by the Department of Homeland Security that we verify your identification before you are allowed to work on campus. The rules for this verification are very strict. For a listing of acceptable documents (categorized by Lists A, B, C), please click here: Acceptable I9 Documents
Please remember that you can bring a document from list A or a document from list B AND list C. You cannot bring two documents from list B. So, for example, you cannot bring a driver’s license and your school ID. With a driver’s license you will need to bring either a social security card or a birth certificate (or another acceptable item from list C). Also remember that you need ORIGINALS of all documents. We cannot accept a copy or digital version. We hate turning away students, but we can’t make exceptions, so please make sure you have your correct documents BEFORE coming to the payroll office. If you are unsure, please email us at [email protected] to confirm you have the correct IDs.

For appointments please click here: PAYROLL APPOINTMENTS

Good news…No! If you have worked within the last twelve months, or are getting a second job on campus, then all you need to do is complete the SWAF email that your supervisor sends. We have all the other information. Of course, please contact payroll if any of your information has changed, especially your direct deposit information.

This is the most important question! You get paid by putting your hours worked into a timesheet at Payroll is processed every two weeks (bi-weekly). The pay period ends on a Sunday. Timesheets need to be completed by NOON on the next day (Monday). Make sure you complete them as soon as possible so your supervisor has time to approve them. Once approved, we will process the payroll and you will receive either a check or direct deposit on Friday.

Here is a link to detailed instructions on completing your timesheet. Your supervisor should also be able to help you with entering your timesheet, but always feel free to email [email protected] if you have any questions or issues entering your time.


How Do I Know If I Have Federal Work Study and For How Much?? 

Students can view their eligibility on their Phinfo account. Log into and select Financial Aid. Federal Work Study funding can be viewed per academic year. If you do not have Federal Work Study and want to determine if you are eligible, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Please note that priority in hiring will be given to students who have Federal Work Study funding. Non Federal Work Study students may fill positions when a Federal Work Study student cannot meet all the requirements of the position description.


Questions? Contact us

Kelly Kelly (Financial Aid Office) - For questions on Federal Work Study allotment and Student Work Authorizations Forms

Kristy Foti (Payroll) - For questions on New Hire paperwork/appointments and Student Work Authorization Forms

Chrissy Fahey (Career Advising & Development) - For questions on hiring students through Handshake