Recognition Programs

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Bene Merenti and Loyola Awards

The annual Fall Convocation takes place in the beginning of the fall semester and recognizes employees receiving Bene Merenti and Loyola Awards, among other things.

  • Bene Merenti: Employees achieving 20 years of service by September 1 of the current year will be recognized with the Bene Merenti award
  • Loyola Award: Employees achieving 40 years of service by Setpember 1 of the current year be recognized the Loyola award​

Service milestones are recognized for the following years of (full-time) services:

  • 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, 30 years, 35 years, etc.

Employees reaching a service milestone will be notified and congratulated via email.  They will have the opportunity to share their response to one or both of the following questions which will be featured in the Dolphin Digest:

  • "What's the best part of Le Moyne?"
  • "What's your fondest memory of your time at Le Moyne?"

Annual service recognition

Employees who fall in between the service milestone years will receive a Service Recognition E-card during the month in which they reach another year of service.

These two awards are presented at Fall Convocation to honor outstanding work among members of the Le Moyne College community.  The nomination period occurs in the spring semester. All nomination materials are due Friday, June 30, 2017 to the HR Office - Grewen 209C or email to 

The Ignatian Mission Award: Living the Le Moyne vision acknowledges an employee’s pursuit of the Le Moyne vision “to be a premier Jesuit college where diverse talents meet to foster academic excellence, integrity and a commitment to justice.” St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, believed that education should be driven by the purpose of seeking God in all things, and of promoting God’s kingdom thru the service of men and women. The Ignatian Mission Award is based on an employee’s commitment and support to Le Moyne's vision. All full-time employees are eligible for this award, including faculty, staff and union employees. 

The Annual Magis Award: Spirit of Excellence acknowledges employees’ pursuit of excellence throughout the year. “Magis” translated literally from Latin means “more.” Within the context of our Jesuit heritage, it refers to the value that St. Ignatius of Loyola placed on responding gratefully and generously to God’s goodness by striving for excellence in all that we do, and all that we are. To that end, the Annual Magis Award is based on a performance that exemplifies excellence beyond normal duties: service, leadership or through other professional contributions. All full-time staff and union employees are eligible for this award.

Father William Bosch, S.J. Lifetime Achievement Award: In order to recognize outstanding achievement and service by a deceased, retired or current active member of the Le Moyne College community who has provided “unique and significant” service over his/her lifetime, the college may bestow the Father William Bosch Lifetime Achievement Award annually to one recipient.

  • Eligibility: Any member of the Le Moyne College community who contributes to its success either in the capacity as a faculty member, administrator, staff or volunteer will be eligible for this award.
  • Selection Criteria:
    • ​Demonstrated significant dedication to Le Moyne College by long term and consistent service
    • Provided an exceptional or unique contribution in support of a division, department, or College objectives; member exceeded all expectations in accomplishing their goals or objectives.
    • Demonstrated exceptional leadership over a significant period of time. Displayed a wisdom and depth of leadership that has made a significant difference.
    • Exemplified collegiality working among all members of the Le Moyne Community.
    • Contributes intellectually, socially, and spiritually to a vibrant College community.
    • Strives for excellence in service to others at Le Moyne or the community at large; passion for the Jesuit mission such as community service.
    • His/Her career and life’s work is an embodiment of the Ignatian ideals of excellence in education, humility and servicing the community.
    • Exhibits a sharp focus on seeing (showing others how to see) God in all things, living out our shared faith, and striving for the Magis in scholarship, community, and social action

The nomination committee will evaluate nominations based on employees or retirees who have strongly demonstrated at least two of the above criteria over his/her lifetime at the college.

The following alumni are currently employed by the College. Le Moyne College is ranked as one of our top employers of our alumni with over 80 to date.


​Class ​Name ​Department
​1963 Donald J. Kirby, S.J.​​ ​Religious Studies
​1964 ​Antonio Eppolito ​Education
​1965 William J. Collins​ ​Graduate Education
1967​ John W. Langdon​ ​History
​1970 ​John Zogby ​Madden School of Business
​1972 ​Anthony Vinciquerra ​Physician Assistant
​1975 ​Stephen C. Fleury ​Education
​1977 Jane Brown​
Mary Pat Clark
Mary K. Collins
Institutional Advancement​
Academic Affairs
​1978 ​Lauri Pepe Bousquet
Brian Loucy
Beth Scanlon
Financial Services
Campus Ministrty
​1979 ​Cindy Alibrandi ​Registrar
​1981 ​Maria Randazzo ​Health & Counseling
​1983 ​Jim Joseph ​Madden School of Business
​1984 ​David Ringwood
David Roache
​1985 ​Kate Cogswell
Paul Lynch, M.S. Ed. '14
Ann Ryan
​Institutional Advancement
Institutional Advancement
​1986 ​Roger Stackpoole ​Finance, Enrollment & Administration
​1988 ​Roula Creighton ​Information Technology
​1990 Jeannine Baker
Eric Foertch
​David McCallum, S.J.
Mary Walsh
Madden School of Business​
Mission Integration & Development
​1991 ​Magdoleen Ierlan, MBA '03 Madden School of ​Business
​1992 ​Mark Godleski
Linda Pennisi
​Residence Life
​1993 ​Robin Barkins ​Grant Programs
​1994 ​Scott Peterson ​Athletics
​1996 Travis Hayden​ Physician Assistant​
​1998 ​Nicole Brown
Scott Cassidy
Frank Ridzi
​Financial Services
​1999 ​Marcus Porter
Kari Zhe-Heimerman
​2000 ​Gwen Morgan ​Communications
​2002 ​Kevin McNeil
Aaron O'Neil
Physical Plant
​2003 Mary Chandler​, MBA '03 ​Admissions
​2005 David Alena
Timothy Evans​
Kate Tovar
Information Technology
Purcell School for Professional Studies​
​2006 ​Connie Boyce
Lynnell Cabezas
Bryan King
Patty Mason
Elisabeth McCaffery
Pat Shandorf, MBA '09
Physical Plant
Academic Support Center
Institutional Advancement
​2007 ​John Czajkowski
Barb Karper (Honorary Alumna)
Craig Lane
Katie Rey
Nicole Richardson
​Visual & Performing Arts
Institutional Advancement
Institutional Advancement
​2008 ​Tess Barrett
William Bosch, S.J. (Honoary Alumnus)
Zach Hisert, MBA '09
Mary Springston, PA
​Student Development
College Archives
Physician Assistant
​2009 ​Kara Keyes, MSN
Dan Mulhauser, S.J. (Honorary Alumnus)
​2010 ​Elizabeth Cheek
Martha Grabowski (Honorary Alumna)
Lisa Lessun, MS
Amanda Miles
Madden School of Business
Institutional Advancement
Institutional Advancement
​2011 ​Linda Cerio, MS
Carly Colbert, MS
Greg Giovanini
Kate Hennigan
J.D. Maas
Emily Mulrooney
President's Office
Visual & Performing Arts
Physical Plant
Institutional Advancement
President's Office
​2012 ​Molly McCarthy, MBA
Chelsey Taylor
​2013 ​Kenyon Black, MS
Derek Demperio, MS
Jennifer Fabian
Kim McAuliff (Honorary Alumna)
Shawn Ward (Honorary Alumnus)
​Upward Bound
Institutional Advancement
​2014 Phoebe DiSalvo-Harms​
Kathy Gonzalez, MSN
Kelly Kelly, MST
Mary Schad, MS '16
Crystal Simmons
Financial Aid
Academic Advising
Career Advising
​2015 ​Fran Adams (Honorary Alumna)
Hui Chen
Jason Colbert
Gwen Gibson
Abby Haessig
Haley Meldrim
​Health & Counseling
Career Advising & Development
Global Jesuit Case Series
​2016 Maria Pia Anastas​
Steve Kulick (Honorary Alumnus)
Emily Latanyshyn
​Occupational Therapy
Institutional Advancement
Institutional Advancement
​2017 Kayla Burt
Courtney Case
Tracy Couto, MS​
Daniella Vazquez
Stephanie Wheatley
Madden School of Business​
Information Technology

New full-time employee are recognized in our daily Dolphin Digest, monthly HR newsletter, on the HR facebook and HR twitter accounts. 

Each employee has the opportunity to share his/her response to "Why Le Moyne?" which will be feature along with his/her introduction to the campus community.

New full-time employees hired by September 1 will also be recognized at the annual Fall Convocation.

Hired 9/1/2017 - 8/31/2018:

​New ​Employee ​Position​​ ​Start Date​
​Candace Receno post-doctoral associate - biology 09/01/17
​Jeannine Baker ​administrative assistant - madden school of business (previously part-time) 09/04/17
​Colleen O'Connor ​area director 09/11/17
​Kayla Burt, '17 admission counselor 09/12/17
​Courtney Case, '17 ​student records coordinator ​09/18/17
​Alice Zicari ​campus minister 09/26/17​
​Debbie Marr ​professor of practice - occupational therapy 09/30/17​
​J. Ryan Soboleski ​senior utility person ​10/30/17
​Maria Pia Anastas, '16 ​administrative assistant - occupational therapy ​10/30/17
​Crystal Simmons, '14 ​administrative assistant - career services ​10/30/17
​Eric Foertch, '90 director of environmental health & safety and sustainability​ 11/06/17​
​Kate Tovar, '05 ​director - partnerships for aging enrichment ​12/16/17
​Jason Colbert, '15 ​purchasing assistant ​01/02/18
​Meghan Florkowski ​assistant director - employer relations 01/02/18​
​Stephanie Wheatley, '17 ​student account representative ​01/02/18
​Bridget Lynch ​visiting assistant professor - psychology ​01/22/18

Thanks and Congratulations

Magis Award Recipients:
  • Kenyon Black, director of upward bound - 2017
  • Robert Cook, assistant to the director of the library - 2017
  • Katie Roberts, enrollment-scheduling coordinator - 2016
  • Laurie Skerpon, accounts payable assistant - 2016
  • Dale Wilson, administrative assistant (madden school of business) - 2015
  • Jim Dishaw, senior director of facilities management and planning - 2015
  • Sue Ames, dean of academic advising & support services (retired 7/16) - 2014
  • Cheryl Davies, bursar - 2014 
  • Cynthia Alibrandi - senior director - registrar - 2013
  • Allison Farrell - director for academic advising & support services - 2013
  • John O'Brien - director for campus security (retired 2/15); and Lisa Peters - executive assistant - 2012
  • Ann Bersani - title IX student life coordinator - 2012
  • Mark Godleski - assistant dean for student development - 2011

Ignatian Mission Award Recipient:

  • Anirban Acharya, Ph.D., visiting assistant professor of political science - 2017
  • Shawn Ward, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology - 2016
  • Dan Orne, Ph.D., associate professor of management - 2015
  • Thaddeus Sim, Ph.D., associate professor - McDevitt chair of business - 2014
  • Eileen Ayers, senior clerical assistant - 2013
  • Matt Bassett, assistant vice president and athletics director - 2012
  • Johnnie Hill-Marsh, director for HEPP (retired 6/15)- 2011
2017 50 years of service
  • Rev. William Bosch, S.J. ;08 (honorary alumnus), college archivist
2017 Loyola (40 years of service) Recipient:
  • Krystine Batcho, Ph.D., professor - psychology
  • Rev. Donald Kirby, S.J., '63, professor - religious studies
  • Ronald Wright, Ph.D., professor - business
2017 Bene Merenti (20 years or service) Recipients:
  • Pat Bliss, associate dean for the purcell school of professional studies
  • Robert Cook, assistant to the director of the library
  • Michael Davis, Ph.D., associate professor - english
  • William Day, Ph.D., associate professor - mcdevitt chair - philosophy
  • Mark Godleski, '92, assistant dean for student development
  • Paul Lynch, '85, M.S. Ed. '14, director for advancement services and development operations
  • Fr. Donald Maldari, S.J., associate professor - mcdevit chair - religious studies
  • Kim McAuliff, '13 (honorary alumna) senior director for leadership giving & events
  • Phillip Novak, Ph.D., associate professor - english
  • Penny Santy, graphic designer