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Our Mission

Human Resources is the hub of your Le Moyne College employment experience. From recruitment to retirement, our team partners with each individual and department to balance care of the person (cura personalis) and care for the college (cura apostalica). In support of LMC’s mission based competencies, the HR Team strives to:

  • Foster a spirit of innovation through an open mind, open heart and open will tapping into the collective wisdom for creative outcomes (Collaboration)
  • Communicate in an honest and fair manner with a workforce from whom LMC derives its strength (Communication)
  • Recruit, retain, recognize and encourage the best-qualified people to enable an inclusive and diverse workforce (Diversity)
  • Promote ethical and legal conduct in personal and business practices at the College (Integrity)
  • Form leaders in an Ignatian way empowering individuals to use their personal strengths and talents for the good of the larger community (Leadership)
  • Encourage participation in college and community activities while seeking knowledge, enthusiasm and improved quality of the live for ourselves, co-workers and the larger community (Service)

About Us

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Responsible for strategic and operational oversight of the College’s Human Resources operations with regard to design, implementation and maintenance of HR processes and service delivery outcomes. Responsible for the performance of all HR functions which includes talent acquisition, compensation management, benefit and leave administration, HRIS and data analysis, employee relations, labor relations, talent management, and HR compliance.

Serves as HR Business Partner for the President’s Office, Academic Affairs, Finance and Administration, Advancement, Enrollment Management and Mission Integration.

Grewen Hall 209C
[email protected]

Responsible for direct support and management of daily HR operations and service. Responsible for the administration and operational management of all the College’s benefit and leave programs, including all retiree benefit programs. Supports the HRIS function through data management, system enhancements and implementations. Manages all HR student workers.

Serves as HR Business Partner for Student Development and Athletics.

Grewen Hall 209C
[email protected]

Responsible for the management of the College’s compensation function through continuous planning, developing and implementation of compensation programs, policies and procedures to align with the College’s goals and competitive practices. Responsible for the execution of various reporting and audits for the College’s retirement plans as well as other data analytical reporting as needed.

Grewen Hall 209C
[email protected]

Responsible for the oversight of the College’s recruitment and retention efforts which includes sourcing, attracting, interviewing and hiring top talent as well as promoting the College’s brand through various recruitment initiatives. Ensures the College maintains high retention through promoting employee satisfaction and engagement. Manages all HR Communications and supports immigration compliance within the recruitment process.

Grewen Hall 209C
[email protected]

Responsible for various critical HR administrative duties which facilitate and support daily HR functions in support of the entire employment life cycle. Responsible for managing the entire employee onboarding process to ensure both federal and state compliance requirements are met. Manages the coordination and execution of employee orientation programs.

Grewen Hall 209C
[email protected]

Office: Grewen Hall 209C
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (315) 445-4155
Fax: (315) 445-6023