Office of the Bursar

The Bursar Office handles the financial matters of all students attending the College. All students are responsible for any College debts they have incurred including tuition charges, fees, library and parking fines.

Undergraduate and Graduate tuition and fees can be accessed at

The office works with students in a variety of ways to make a Le Moyne College education affordable and attainable. Refunds may be issued to students receiving financial aid packages or loans that exceed what is owed the college.

Payment Information

All tuition and fees are due prior to each semester start date.  Bills are available on-line through  In Phinfo you can view your account activity and billing statements.

Students who do not pay their tuition on or before the due date are not permitted to attend class until they pay their tuition. Students who fail to pay their tuition prior to the start of classes for the semester will be responsible for payment of a $100 late fee and interest of 1% per month or an annual rate of twelve percent (12%) on the outstanding balance.

Students can pay your Le Moyne College student bills online by Electronic Check or Credit Card by clicking on the "Manage Payments" tab through Phinfo

Credit card transactions using the College's online payment system will incur a 2.75% processing fee. The processing fee for international credit cards will be 4.25%. These fees are charged by the  credit card issuers. The College does not retain any of these funds. There are no processing fees for  making payments online by ACH.

Authorized Users can make payment on behalf of your student by logging into


Students who do not pay their tuition on or before the due date are not officially registered at the College and are not permitted to attend class until they pay their tuition. Moreover, they are subject to a late-payment fee and/or interest as outlined under the Incidental Fees, Deposits and Miscellaneous Charges section and the payment of interest on the outstanding balance at an annual rate of twelve percent (12%). This includes students who add courses to become full time status after the start of the semester. Students whose checks are returned by the bank will also be subject to a late-payment fee as well as a returned check fee.

Accounts date from the opening day of the semester. Students permitted to enter later than this date are charged for the full semester.

Payment Plans

Education expenses can be easier to manage when spread over predictable monthly payments. Le Moyne College offers interest-free payment plans, administered by Flywire, as an alternative to one large payment and may help limit loan borrowing and ease financial pressures. Students and designated authorized users may contribute to a payment plan to pay for eligible student charges. The plan is available during the fall and spring semesters only. The enrollment fee is $35.00 per semester.

• Convenient 3 or 4 month payment plan options. See Payment Plan schedule for enrollment and due dates.

• 24x7 account access to view and manage active payment plans via Phinfo and click on "Manage Payments"

• The ability for students to add one or more authorized users to have access to their account to make payments toward a payment plan or enroll in a payment plan on behalf of their student.

Refund Policies

Students in any of the Le Moyne College programs who withdraw from the College for any circumstance are entitled to a refund of a percentage of their tuition charge based on their formal withdrawal date. 

The date of withdrawal will be considered the date on which a written statement of withdrawal has been received by the registrar. Tuition adjustment calculations are done automatically based on the date of withdrawal and the start date of the semester.  Fees are not refundable. 

If you withdraw from the College or from a course, you may be entitled to a tuition credit of a percentage of your tuition. 

• 100 percent tuition credit during the first week

• 80 percent tuition credit during the second week

• 60 percent tuition credit during the third week

• 40 percent tuition credit during the fourth week

• 20 percent tuition credit during the fifth week

• No tuition refund credit after the fifth week

In cases where a government agency requires a different refund policy, the College will adhere to the government agency policy. 

Direct Deposit of refunds

Students may now receive their refunds electronically! You can set up e-check banking in Phinfo and can have refunds issued directly to your bank account. Please see below for instructions on how to set up direct deposit of tuition refunds.


Please note: The College's cash policy requires that any department or club accepting check or cash adequately safeguard the funds and submit these to the Bursar Office for deposit WITHIN 48 HOURS OF RECEIPT. Please ensure that all funds received for deposit are put away in a securely locked location before your timely submission to the Bursar Office. If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact the Bursar Office at ext. 4350.


Internal/Deparmental Deposit Slip

E-Check Banking Instructions




Frequently Asked Questions

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Tuition and fees are due prior to the start of each semester

The college accepts ACH (electronic check), VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS through phinfo and mailed in payments, which are processed once a week. 


 The date of issue and amount of your refund can be found viewing your phinfo account detail.Our office will issue credit balance refunds to students the 3rd week of classes of each semester.  You will not be able to pick up your check in the office due to being closed for any in person transactions.  Refunds via check will be mailed in the student's name to the address of record. To expedite receipt of refunds, students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit in phinfo

**If completing the direct deposit for the first time, it will take10 business days to activate

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Questions regarding your loans and awards should be directed to

You can access your current and past 1098-T form by logging into your phinfo account. 


Contacts & Hours

Office Hours 
Monday - Thursday
9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

We can be reached at [email protected]

Office Location 
Grewen Hall, Room 209
Phone: (315) 445-4350
Fax: (315) 445-6007

Mailing Address: 

Bursar’s Office
1419 Salt Springs Road
Syracuse, NY 13214-1399