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Le Moyne’s institutional values include a commitment to sustainability, and the College printing policy has been put in place to promote thoughtful and judicious use of printers by all members of the campus community.

Who can print?

In order to print, a user must:

  • Be a current member of the Le Moyne community (an enrolled student or employed faculty or staff member)
  • Have an active Le Moyne College account with a username and password
  • Be logged into a campus computer or have the Le Moyne College Papercut printers installed on their personal devices.

Costs for printing

There is a cost associated with all printing at Le Moyne, formulated by costs related to paper, toner, and the printer itself. Printing is $.05 per one letter-sized (8.5x11”) side of monochrome (black and white) and $.15 per one side of color. For employees, this is charged per page to the department that the employee is a part of (for faculty, this is the academic department they work in, and for staff members, the administrative department or office). For students, this is charged per page directly to the student’s account.

Students are provided 100 one-sided pages of free black and white printing per course they are enrolled in. For example, for an average course load of five classes, a student will have a free print quota of 500 pages. Student quotas reset when their enrollment changes. Faculty and staff members are also allotted a free quota for when they are printing to public printers rather than their departmental ones.

When printing, $.05 will automatically deduct from a user’s free quota until they have too little quota to print (less than $.05), at which point they will have to add funds via their Dolph-E-Card to do so. Note: Printing in color does NOT qualify for free quota.

Printer Locations

  • Dablon Hall Lab
  • Dolphin Den
  • Foery Hall Lab
  • Harrison Hall Lab
  • Larned Building Lab
  • Le Moyne Heights Lab
  • Mitchell Hall Labs 106, 111, 112, 201, Mitchell 2nd Floor Lounge
  • Nelligan Hall Lab
  • Noreen Reale Falcone Library
  • Reilly Hall Labs 343, 344, 439, 445
  • Coyne Science Center Labs 123, 134, 242, 329
  • Science Center Addition Labs 106, 108, 112, and on the first and third floor hallways
  • St. Mary’s Hall Lab
  • Veteran’s House
  • Erie 21 House

More Information 

Our guide, How to Print at Le Moyne, can be found in the IT Service Desk documentation at https://servicedesk.lemoyne.edu.