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Welcome Back to the Heights! 

For the full Academic and Residential Technology Check List click here. 

Connecting to Wifi

Eduroam is the "secure" and recommended wireless network available to students and employees throughout Le Moyne's campus. Login to  Eduroam by using your Le Moyne email address and password when connecting with your device. Visit https://echo.lemoyne.edu/Connecting-to-the-Internet to learn more.

Connecting Dorm Tech to Ethernet 

All personal devices at Le Moyne need to be registered in order to connect to the wired (ethernet) network. This includes personal desktops, laptops, gaming systems with ethernet connections, and Smart TV’s with ethernet connections. You can register your devices at https://deskreg.lemoyne.edu 

Printing with Papercut Mobility Print

Papercut is a service that enables users to print to Le Moyne public printers without needing to upload a file to a website. This service is accessible across all platforms; macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS. To learn how to print and where to find public printers visit Printing at Le Moyne

TV Streaming with SpectrumU

SpectrumU lets you watch live TV and an array of on-demand content anytime, anywhere on campus using your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. It’s also available on Apple TV and other supported devices.

Connect with the IT Service Desk 

  • Ask IT at https://servicedesk.lemoyne.edu 
  • Call IT at 315-445-4579
  • Visit IT on the First floor of the Library
  • Email IT at servicedesk@lemoyne.edu
Hours of Operation August 14th - 22nd

Saturday, Aug. 14th: 9AM-5PM
Sunday, Aug. 15th: 11AM-6PM

Monday, Aug. 16th - Friday, Aug. 20th: 8AM-4:30PM

Saturday, Aug. 21st: 9AM-7PM
Sunday, Aug. 22nd: 12PM-8PM

POP UP Service Desk/Dorm Check Ins with IT:
  • Tuesday, Aug. 17th: Dablon Lobby - 6PM-8PM
  • Wednesday, Aug. 18th: St. Mary's Lobby - 6PM-8PM
  • Thursday, Aug. 19th: Nelligan Lobby - 6PM-8PM 
Starting August 23rd Semester Hours of Operation: 

Monday-Thursday: 8AM-8PM
Friday: 8AM-7PM
Saturday: 9AM-7PM
Sunday: 12PM-8PM

Semester breaks: Monday - Friday 8AM-4:30PM