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Le Moyne College supports its employees with a wide array of benefits centered around health and wellness, financial security, and work-life balance. These benefits are affordable, comprehensive, and competitive. To view the Benefit Philosophy Statement click here. All full-time employees are eligible for the College's benefits package

Eligibility: New full-time employees may enroll in the elligible benefits within 30 days of their hire date and coverage is effective the first of the month following their date of hire.  If a plan is not selected within the 30 day period, enrollment will only be permitted during the annual open enrollment period. Enrollment or changes in plan may take place during open enrollment or due to a qualifying event (i.e. spouse's loss of coverage, birth/adoption, marriage/divorce, etc). The Office of Human Resources must be notified within 30 days of the qualifying event in order to allow the change. 

For a snapshot of your benefits, view your Benefit Summary 2023 

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The College offers group membership, through Excellus BCBS, with three health insurance plan options. 

You have 30 days from your date of hire to enroll in your medical benefits. 

Active Employee Medical Information
All benefit summaries can be found online at aleraedge.com. 
PPO-L:                 Co-pays $30 PCP/Specialist; no co-insurance; no-deductibles; free access to Telemedicine
HealthyBlue:        Hybrid plan; co-pays $25 PCP/$40 Specialist; co-insurance and deductibles; HealthyRewards program to track your                                 health habits, get points and earn up to $500 a year!; free access to Telemedicine

SimplyBlue:         High deductible health plan (HDHP); preventive services covered in full; all other services are at full expense of                                      individual. Health Savings Account (HSA) helps with out-of-pocket expenses


Benefit Summaries

Coverage Tiers: 

  • Individual
  • Employee/spouse
  • Employee/child(ren)
  • Family coverage. 

Both employees and Le Moyne College contribute toward the cost of the health coverage. Employee health and dental premium deductions are taxed prior to federal, state and FICA tax calculations.


*Access to TELEMEDICINE (www.excellusbcbs.com/telemedicine), 24/7 Nurse Call Line (1-800-348-9786) and Blue365 (www.blue365deals.com) for deals and discounts on healthy lifestyle products and services

Dental Coverage with Excellus BCBS

The college provides dental coverage to full-time employees for a minimal monthly fee. 

Find a Dentist

Go to Excellus BCBS Find a Dentist webpage - https://www.excellusbcbs.com/wps/portal/xl/dtp/dentist
Step 1: Select Your Health Plan: “Dental Blue Options”
Step 2: Narrow Your Search: Enter your current dentist’s information or search your zip code.

Vision Service Plan (VSP) Highlights:

Guardian's affiliation with Vision Service Plan (VSP) offers one of the largest vision care network in the industry with over 70,000 provider access points nationwide.
Find a Provider: Go to https://www.vsp.com/eye-doctor or call VSP at 800-877-7195

Guardian Vision Plan Highlights: 
Guardian's affiliation with Davis Vision offers access to over 93,000 provider access points nationwide, including private practice providers and many convenient retailers such as Costco, Walmart, Sam's Club, Target, Visionworks, Visionworks Online and contracted Pearle locations.
Find a Provider: Go to www.guardiananytime.com or call Davis at 877-393-7363

Davis Vision PPO vs VSP Vision Comparison
Additional information including enrollment tiers and cost is available on the benefits portal www.enrollingiseasy.com.​

Employees enrolled in the SimplyBlue High Deductible Health Plan are eligible to contribute to the Health Savings Account (HSA). As the high deductible health plan only covers the cost of preventive services, an HSA can be used to cover any additional medical expenses. The funds contributed to the HSA are withheld pre-tax.

If you contribute at least $5 per pay to your HSA, Le Moyne will contribute a starting balance of $300 plus an additional $15 per pay. You will only receive the Le Moyne contribution if you contribute at least $5 per pay.

The 2022 IRS maximum contribution:

·        Individual plans:            $3850

·        Family plans:                $7750

·        Catch-up amount:          $1000 – for employees age 55 or more

Flexible Spending Accounts allow you to save taxes on the money you spend for uncovered medical/dental and/or dependent care expenses. You can set aside money through payroll deductions during the calendar year to pay for predictable expenses, and amounts are deducted from your gross pay before federal, state and Social Security taxes are withheld. Because you pay no taxes on your FSA deposits, you effectively increase your spendable income over the year.

Plan Highlights

  1. The Healthcare Account is used to pay for any medical and dental expenses that are not covered by insurance plans. Some of the expenses eligible for reimbursement are: deductibles and co-payments under health insurance and dental plans; orthodontic care; chiropractic care; eyeglasses and contact lenses, etc. Review list of FSA eligible expenses and the FSA store flyer.  The maximum contribution is $3,050. 
    • $610 Carry-over Rule: If you have a balance remaining at the end of the calendar year, up to $610 will automatically carry over to the next calendar year.  This "carry-over" amount will not effect the maximum you can contribute.
  2. The Dependent Care Account is used to pay for certain dependent care expenses incurred because you (and your spouse, if married) are employed. Eligible expenses include charges for the care of dependent children age 12 and under or for elderly or disabled family members who are dependent on you for financial support. The maximum annual contribution is $5000 and may be less under certain circumstances (e.g., the limit is $2500 if you are married filing separately). There is no carry-over rule for the dependent care account.

Enrollment: During Open Enrollment each fall, you decide the total amount you want deposited into either or both of the FSA accounts for the next calendar year. That amount is deducted from your paychecks in equal increments throughout the year.

Please note: Once you choose your FSA deposit amount, you may not change or stop your deductions during the year unless your family status changes (due to marriage or birth of a child, for example), and the action must be consistent with the status change.

Your Account

Register and view your AleraPay account:

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How to Submit Claims
AleraPay Claim Form
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AleraPay App

You have a 120-day period following the end of year of your Plan Year to file for reimbursement of expenses incurred in the previous Plan Year. 

Summary Plan Description (FSA).pdf
FSA Relief

OptumRx - Pharmacy Benefit Manager
Member Services: 877-797-4877

Member Portal: www.OptumRx.com

OptumRx Premium Formulary Exclusions

Premium Formulary: www.optumrx.com/CTRSS

OptumRx is our pharmacy benefit manager for all PPO and HealthyBlue participants. High deductible (Simply Blue) plan participants will remain with Excellus for prescription services. The current member copays will remain the same and the availability of mail-order service will continue.

As a reminder, with OptumRx, employees that participate in the PPO-L or HealthyBlue medical plan receive a separate pharmacy ID card to use when filling prescriptions. 

Every year, and with any change in vendors, changes are made to the prescription formulary which determines the member’s copay and any therapy protocols (i.e. prior authorization or step-therapy for specific medications). The LMC Transitioning to OptumRx.pdf includes detailed information including a formulary list of frequently utilized medications. 

Additional information:

Home Delivery
OptumRx Digital
OptumRx Specialty Copay Card
Generic Medications


Healthy Rewards Program (HealthyBlue plan) Healthy Rewards-Using Rally.pdf

With our HealthyRewards® program, you can earn rewards up to $500 per person* for completing a health risk assessment, participating in healthy missions and challenges, and other activities like going out for a run, working around the yard, and even taking the stairs.

HealthyRewards® powered by RallySM is designed to keep you motivated and on track to meet your health goals by offering monthly rewards that can be redeemed at any time for a wide selection of gift card options from national retailers such as Amazon and KOHL’s. What’s more – Rally Coins can be earned for completing healthy tasks and used to make contributions towards featured charities or redeemed for discounts on products from Fitbit, Garmin, Diamondback Bikes, and more in the Rally Marketplace.

The RallySM mobile app makes earning rewards on the go even easier!

*Log into your member account to confirm coverage. Reward amounts may vary by contract.


  • IT Web Help Desk (account access issues): 1-800-278-1247
  • Rally Customer Support Center: 1-877-726-1002​

Health Insurance & Social Security
Employees who continue working beyond the age of eligibility for full social security retirement are entitled to the same medical coverage they had before that age. However, employees and their spouses should contact the Social Security Office three months prior to their eligibility age in order to enroll in Part A of the Medicare Program and to obtain current and specific information about the entire program. Employees do not need to sign up for Part B of Medicare as long as they are active employee covered under the Le Moyne College medical plan.

To help with important insurance decisions the below representatives can assist you with all of your Medicare questions and options:

Eric Lintala, CHC, Executive Benefit Consultant
W: 1-800-836-0026, x7320
C: 585-704-3009
E: [email protected]


Myrna Koldin, Aging Services Specialist
Onondaga County Department of Adult & Long Term Care Services
421 Montgomery St. - 10th Floor

Under the provisions of a law commonly referred to as COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), a terminating employee may usually arrange to continue coverage for a longer period, if necessary, but the employee is responsible for paying the full cost. Arrangements for continuation of coverage are made through the Office of Human Resources.

Also, under the COBRA law a participant who becomes ineligible for coverage due to a loss of dependent status (a divorced spouse or child aging out) can continue coverage for a limited period, but the participant must make the election within 30 days of the qualifying event.