Frequently Asked Questions

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​Students at Le Moyne register for classes using an online registration system called Phinfo.

To confirm that you successfully registered for your courses, you need to click on the 'COURSE PLAN' tab on the main menu page of Phinfo. Make sure you specify the appropriate semester. The courses you have registered for will say 'Registered' here. 

You should meet with your advisor if at all possible. However, if you are having difficulties meeting with your advisor, you can try to meet with the chairperson of your major department. Only your assigned advisor or your department chair will have the ability to clear you to register. Please note: If you have been meeting with someone other than your assigned advisor, unless that person is your department chairperson, he/she will not have the capability of clearing you to register on Phinfo.

​If you are a returning undergraduate matriculated student, you should have already received your login and password. If you did receive your password and forgot or lost it, you can have your Phinfo password reset by the Info Tech Help Desk in the Noreen Falcone Library. You will need to show proof of identity before your password will be reset.

Below in the chart is a list of the messages that may stop you from registration for a particular course, an explanation of what it means, and what you should do.

Messages Received


Please see the published schedule for your designated time.

It is not your designated time to register or it is past the date to add classes to your schedule.

HST-101-05 - Section HST-101-05 is "Closed" (21/0). Enrollment not allowed.

This means that the course is closed. You have to register for another section of the course that is open.

EDU-303-02 Course EDU-303 prerequisites have not been started.

You have not completed the prerequisites required for this course.

ACT-203-01 - Registration in ACT- 203-01 puts student in overload. Petition is required.

You are attempting to register for more than 18 credits. You must receive permission from the Associate Dean to register over 18 credits.

HST-101-05 - HST 101 has been taken 1 time(s). Once allowed.

You are trying to repeat a course that you have received a grade of a "W", "WF", or an "F" or you have previously received credit for this course. You must contact the Registrar's Office to register for this specific course.

EDU 315-01 - This Section was cancelled on 08/24/06.

This course will no longer be offered for the semester.

BIO-111-02 conflicts with PHL-302-04

You are attempting to register for two courses with a time conflict. This isn't permitted. Please Note: No registrations will go through if you receive this message. You must change one of the conflicting classes to proceed with registration.


Yes. If you are declared in more than one major, you should meet with each major advisor to ensure that you are receiving proper scheduling advice for both programs. However, Phinfo only requires that one of your advisors clear you for registration.

A restriction may be placed on your record by a College office if conditions exist that make it necessary to prevent further enrollment activity. Usually, some action by you is required in order to lift the restriction. Restrictions include but are not limited to:

◾Bursar Hold - you have an outstanding financial obligation to the institution which must be resolved by contacting the Bursar's Office.
◾Registrar Hold - you need to contact the Registrar's Office to determine the reason for the hold.
◾Immunization Hold - you need to provide proof of immunization to the Health Office.

​You may enroll in a closed course in one of two ways: 1) The department chair of the course in question has the capability of directly enrolling you into a course on the College's administrative system or 2) You must receive a written override permission form from the department chair of the course and bring the permission form to the Registrar's Office in 212 Grewen Hall.

​You can check to see if your advisor has cleared you to register by checking your personal profile on ECHO. We recommend you check this information before you sit down to register.

Your advisor's name is listed on your personal profile data on ECHO. A link to his/her e-mail is also listed there.

​No. Students are prohibited from skipping or missing any part of class in order to register. The Phinfo access time listed for you is simply the earliest time you may access the system. You may also register anytime after that time. If you are a matriculated undergraduate student, you have been assigned a registration appointment time. You can view this time on My Student Profile in ECHO.  This appointment time should not conflict with any of your registered classes. Alternatively, you may drop off your signed advising form to the Registrar’s Office if you have another conflict and we can register you for your classes at your designated time. However, if you get closed out of courses you want and do not have alternative courses listed, we cannot decide for you.

​In order to provide you with the most accurate information regarding course scheduling and class availability, the College has decided to no longer provide printed schedules. Often there are changes in class scheduling including meeting times/days, instructor and even course cancellations that occur after the a booklet has been printed and therefore, the booklet becomes immediately inaccurate.

All students with a Phinfo account must use Phinfo to register. However, the staff in the Registrar's office is available to assist students with all of their registration needs. If you have problems or questions regarding your registration or even desire assistance with using Phinfo, we will be more than happy to help you. In some cases, it may be necessary for the Registrar's office to process some part of your registration. For example, if you were granted permission to enroll in a closed course or if you were granted a level waiver (you are a junior trying to register for a course that requires senior standing), the Registrar must process those types of registration exceptions.

​If you are an undergraduate, matriculated student, you have been assigned a registration appointment time.  In order to view your appointment time and find out when you can register, simply log onto ECHO at , scroll down to the "Student Links" information and click on "My Student Profile."  You have been assigned a time based on the total number of credits you have earned to date (does not include the credits you have in progress). 

 If you are a non-matriculated undergraduate student, you will need to contact the Center for Continuing Education to determine your earliest access time to Phinfo.

 If you are a graduate student, you will need to contact your graduate office to determine the earliest date and time you may register. In most cases for graduate students, Phinfo access time is based upon your matriculation status and the number of credits completed toward your degree.