Disability Support Services for Students

Disability Support Services provides and arranges accommodations for students with permanent or temporary physical, medical, learning, and/or psychological disabilities.
Common accommodations include:
  • additional time for exams
  • alternative testing site
  • alternatively formatted texts, exams, and other classroom materials
  • assistance with and access to adaptive technologies
  • interpreters
  • note takers
  • permission to record lectures
  • preferential seating
These and other reasonable accommodations may be provided as indicated by documentation.
Disability Support Services also provides:
  •  review of previously administered diagnostic tests
  • supplemental academic advising
  • assistance in developing self-advocacy skills
  • liaison and advocacy measures with faculty and staff.

How Do I Set Up Services?

Steps for setting up services for incoming students with disabilities

  • Once admitted, students are provided with the opportunity to self-identify as a student with a disabling condition on the deposit form sent out by the Office of Admission.
  • Once students self-identify, the Admissions Office sends Disability Support Services (DSS) a list of all incoming students with disabilities.
  • DSS sends out a letter to every student, which includes: our brochure, an overview of services, and a packet explaining the required documentation that must be put on file in the DSS office in order for students to receive accommodations (see documentation requirements).
  • Students are also informed, in the letter, that they may request DSS services during the orientation sessions to complete their placement exams in our office.
  • Upon receiving a student’s documentation, a file is set up in DSS. Once DSS sets up a file, a student will meet with the Director to do a formal intake and find out which accommodations fit each individual student. Then, each semester, the Director meets with all students with disabilities in order to set up their academic accommodations for the semester, as they relate to their particular courses.
  • On some occasions, meetings are arranged between students and faculty prior to the start of classes in order to address course expectations and student needs as they relate to their disability (e.g. a student with a hearing impairment who needs to address communication issues with the professor).
  • In situations where students have a significant disability that would require special attention in the event of a disaster (i.e. fire), appropriate offices are notified of the student’s classroom and residence hall location each semester.
  • Students and faculty may meet with the Director of Disability Support Services as needed throughout the semester with any questions or for additional assistance.

AIM Student Portal

About AIM

Accessible Information Management (AIM) is a web-based tool for Le Moyne College students registered with the Disability Support Services. AIM currently provides students the following services:

  • Request DSS services each semester
  • Electronically e-mail accommodation letters to your professors
Logging into AIM

Use your Le Moyne College (user name) credentials to log into AIM to be taken to the online services portal and submit your requests.

Access the AIM portal

Testing Accommodations

Disability Support Services (DSS) provides testing accommodations to qualifying students. Accommodations are based upon appropriate documentation. The general procedures for arranging an accommodated exam with DSS have remained essentially the same for the past several years. Periodically, we make minor adjustments, and we want knowledge of our procedures to remain current. This ensures students receive appropriate accommodations without compromising instructors’ academic standards.

  • For each individual exam, the student must schedule by signing up online or making and appointment and obtain the testing accommodation form the DSS office. This should be done one week prior to the exam when possible. The student will receive a confirmation email once the time is confirmed.
  • The student is expected to initiate contact with the instructor for reasonable accommodations. The student should present the form to the instructor as soon as possible. If there is any reason the student is unable to take the exam at the same time as the rest of the class, alternative dates and/or times must be discussed with the faculty member. The instructor must approve of the arrangements and indicate so on the accommodation form.
  • The form is the instructor’s control over the exam and should accompany the exam in a secure manner. The instructor should indicate if the exam is open note, open book, or requires some other, specific tools or materials to complete.
  • Accommodations requested should be in accordance with those recommended by DSS and supported by documentation. Instructors may ask for a letter of verification from DSS to support the request.
  • The instructor should send the exam to the DSS office prior to the exam time. Exams can be hand-delivered, sent electronically (via fax or e-mail), or sent through campus mail. Students should not transport exams
  • Students will not be permitted to leave the testing area during the exam. Cell phones, other electronic devices, and class materials are not permitted unless the instructor dictates otherwise.
  • If, during the administration of the exam, a student violates the College's Ethical Standards in Academic Matters Policy, the instructor will be notified; he/she determines the consequences. Violating the policy can also affect the provision alternative testing as administered by the DSS. Access to testing through DSS is dependent on adherence to the policy.

Our responsibility at DSS, with respect to testing, is to provide reasonable accommodations, and to otherwise ensure the exam is conducted within parameters prescribed by the instructor.

Exam Scheduling

 For current Le Moyne College DSS and ESOL students only




Noreen Reale Falcone Library
First Floor


Voice: 315-445-4118
TDD/TTY: 315-445-4014




Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday: 8:30AM-9PM (Evening exam hours start third week of Fall & Spring semester)

Friday: 8:30AM-4:30PM

Semester breaks: Monday - Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM

Summer Hours Monday-Friday: 8:30AM-4:30PM

Hours may vary. Appointments are encouraged.