Senior Legacy Gift

The Senior Legacy Gift is a yearly tradition for the senior class to have an opportunity to leave behind a legacy to the chosen fund. Since 2021, the fund established has supported Mental Health and Wellness initiatives at Le Moyne College. This year, the S.P.A  (Student Philanthropy Association) has decided to designate Senior Legacy Gifts to the Le Moyne College Mental Health and Wellness Fund. The Le Moyne College Mental Health and Wellness Fund supports the college in many different ways:

  • Out of the Darkness event - Suicide prevention awareness
  • Green Bandana Campaign / Wellness Ambassadors
  • And other events supporting student mental health and wellbeing!

Students who contribute $24.00 to the Le Moyne Mental Health and Wellness Fund receive:

  • Le Moyne's signature Gold Dolphin Donor Pin (excellent for interviews!)
  • A commemorative Le Moyne Senior glass pub mug!
  • The opportunity to write a special message in this year's Commencement program!
  • Knowing you made a difference!

Frequently Asked Questions

Senior Legacy is a yearly tradition for the senior class. Each year the senior class and the Student Philanthropy Association designate a fund that goes towards a meaningful cause or effort on campus


While a 24-dollar gift is suggested, all amounts matter! Community work, service projects, and other ways you give back are just as equally important!

Yes! This year, we have introduced “recurring” payments. This feature allows you to pay specific dollars towards your donation. (Ex. $25 = 5 monthly payments of $5). This option still counts as your full donation! Look for “recurring” at checkout.


Seniors who make a gift will receive:

  • Le Moyne branded pub mug
  • Golden Dolphin Pin (Good for interviews!)
  • Invitation to exclusive events
  • Knowing you made a difference!

Since 2021, the most popular designation for the Senior Legacy campaign is wellness and mental health. This fund supports initiatives and resources for Le Moyne. The fund supports the “Out of the Darkness, mental health awareness event, the Green Bandana Campaign, and more initiatives for Le Moyne. 


Questions? Suggestions? More information?

Jacob Kidd '20

Annual Giving Specialist 

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