Connecting to the Internet

Le Moyne College has both wireless and wired internet available for its current users and guests. Continue reading to learn more about our opportunities in connection!

Wireless Internet Access for Le Moyne College Users

All active members of the Le Moyne community (students, faculty, staff, etc.) have wireless internet access via eduroam. Students and employees can sign into eduroam using their Le Moyne username and password. For more information and a list of participating Eduroam campuses, visit the Eduroam website or see the Le Moyne Wireless Connection Information Sheet.

How do I connect to eduroam?

Go to your internet connection settings and select eduroam, then sign in using your Le Moyne Email address ([email protected]) and password. For more information about connecting specific devices to Eduroam use the following Confluence instruction guides:

Wireless Internet Access for Guests

Dolphin-guest is an open unsecured wireless network available in academic and administrative facilities for guests and visitors who require temporary wireless access. By visiting your Wi-Fi settings on your device, you should see dolphin-guest as an option to connect. Select the network and be prepared to follow the on-screen prompts along with entering your cellphone number.

How do I connect to dolphin-guest?

Select the network and be prepared to follow the on-screen prompts along with entering your cellphone number. For more information about connecting to dolphin-guest, please read the following Confluence instructions guides, or contact our IT Service Desk:

  • How to connect to dolphin-guest

Having Trouble Connecting to the WiFi? 

  • Make sure that your password is up to date by logging into to
  • If you've connected before, forget the network, restart the device, and then try reconnecting again.
  • If you are still having trouble, contact the IT Service Desk.

Wired Internet Connection for Students

Wired access via Ethernet is available to all students in residence halls. The College requires all Smart TVs, media systems, and game consoles to use the wired network and to be registered at For more information for connecting via an ethernet cable on our wired network, visit our Dorm Technology page page!