Connecting to the Internet

Le Moyne College provides internet connectivity via wired and wireless access throughout campus.

Wireless access is available via “eduroam.” Students and employees can sign into “eduroam” using their Le Moyne username and password and will have wireless access across campus.

Guests to campus can gain internet connectivity via “Dolphin-guest.”

How do I connect to EDURoam?

How do I connect to Dolphin-guest?

Wireless Connection:

Le Moyne provides two separate wireless networks (SSIDs) on campus to support convenient access for students, employees, and guests.

  1. Eduroam is the secure and recommended wireless network available to students and employees throughout campus. This network is intended for any personal WiFi device that supports WPA2-Enterprise/802.1x encryption (Le Moyne email address and password required) and for Le Moyne owned/issued laptops. The latter are configured to connect to Dolphin-secure when the network is within range. Most personally-owned devices will store login credentials and automatically connect when the network is within range.
  2. Dolphin-guest is an open unsecured wireless network available in academic and administrative facilities for guests and visitors who require convenient and temporary wireless access. To access the network, an individual must connect to Dolphin-guest and open up the browser of their choice. They will be presented with a page that requires them to submit the phone number of an SMS (text messaging) equipped cellular phone. Once the phone number is submitted, users will receive an authentication code via their phone, which they can then enter in their browser to connect to the guest network. Each device must be authenticated once per day.

A benefit of using the Eduroam network is that your laptop or device should automatically connect and authenticate when you travel to another college or university that uses the system. Be sure to use your email address for your login ID when you first configure access so this feature works properly. For more information and a list of participating Eduroam campuses, visit the Eduroam website or see the Le Moyne Wireless Connection Information Sheet.

Having Trouble Connecting to the WiFi? Try this:

  1. Make sure that your password is up to date by logging into to

    1. If your password has expired, you won’t be able to connect. You will have to reset your password on a device that has an internet connection. You can find information on how to do that here.
    2. Once you have reset your password, go ahead and try to reconnect to the WiFi.
  1. You can also try forgetting the network on your device, and then logging back into it.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Make sure your device has been updated to the latest software version.

Wired Connection:

Wired access via Ethernet is available to all students in residence halls. Due to the increasing number of devices connecting wirelessly, we strongly recommend using the wired network for a faster and more reliable connection. The College requires all Smart TVs, media systems, and game consoles to use the wired network and to be registered at If your computer doesn't have an Ethernet port, you will need to purchase an Ethernet adapter. You will also need an Ethernet cable (Cat-5e Cable) to connect your computer to the jack in your room.

  1. For more detailed information on how to register your computer, see here.
  2. For more detailed information on how to register your game console, see here.