Student Employment Hiring for Supervisors

Hello Supervisors!

The following process will take place for student employment hire for the 2021-2022 academic year.  We are continuing with the same process we developed in the 19/20 academic year.  This replaces the process and procedures from previous years and is subject to change (with notice).  This procedure is to ensure the safety and health of everyone on campus and to reduce the amount of in-person contact as much as possible. If you are planning to hire for in-office work, your department must follow the campus guidelines when including student workers.

*Student employment has an email address:  This allows for central and quick access between the various departments that work on student employment.

Summer 2021 payroll begins June 7th (ends August 15) Students working in the summer will need to complete new paperwork.  All students working in the 19/20 academic will have their positions closed-the last day of spring 2021 student work ends on June 6th. If a student is starting summer work prior to June 7th, they will need to complete two Student Work Authorization Forms (one for spring 2021 and one for summer 2021).

Fall payroll begins on August 16REHIRES & CONFIRMED NEW HIRES


*Supervisors will email indicating they need the Student Work Authorization Form to hire students.  Please put the student’s full name in the email (ID if possible) and what semesters they will be working.

*Supervisors will receive individual emails from for each student hired.  This email acts as the current Student Work Authorization Form and will be used to hire all students for the 2021/2022 academic year.  Instructions are provided in the email on what information needs to be completed by supervisor and student (the email is forwarded between supervisor, student hired, and the student employment email). A confirmation email will go to the supervisor once the student is set up in the position.  *Please do not use previous emails for a new hire.

*Note: For rehires, this is the only form needed to get set up for work.  Since it is completed through email, there is no need for students to visit the Payroll Office to turn in a hard copy.

*We will require the supervisor and student to indicate on the Student Work Authorization form whether the student will be working on campus or remotely. If you are hiring students to work remotely, the student will need to note their physical location on the form.  There may be tax/wage implications for students working outside of Onondaga County.


*This is required only for students who are new and have not worked on campus in the past year.

*All students that have not worked on campus will need to submit payroll forms and have their IDs checked IN PERSON before they will be allowed to work on campus.  The forms are available on the Student Employment page in ECHO: Please instruct your students to use this link to get the necessary payroll forms and to set up their appointment with the Payroll Office.  Students are not allowed to work until they have completed their appointment and Payroll has cleared them.

REQUEST FOR NEW HIRES (open positions)

*Open positions are posted through Handshake, which is administered by Career Advising & Development.

**Please be aware that incoming first year students will receive notification of open positions on Handshake in the beginning of July. Current students will be able to view positions at any time.

Please read these instructions on how to move your department's open jobs into Handshake:

Sign up for an Employe account in Handshake. If you already have a student/alumni account in Handshake, please contact so we can walk you through setting up a connected employer account.

Create a company profile for your department. Each department should use the following naming convention – Le Moyne College: Department Name. For example, if Campus Life & Leadership wanted to set up an account, their company name would be “Le Moyne College: Campus Life & Leadership”

We will approve your department as an employer and then you can start posting jobs. Please make sure to select “On Campus Student Employment” as the Job Type so students can find your jobs more easily.

You can collect any previous job postings and information out of Echo and copy the details over to Handshake.

If you have previously posted jobs in Handshake, we will be in touch with you with instructions on how to update your employer profile. If you haven’t heard from us, please reach out to


Here are some excellent resources you can explore to get acquainted with the system:

Handshake's Employer Help Center

Career Advising & Development Office: or 315-445-4185

*Once the student is hired, the same procedure applies as noted above…requesting Student Work Authorization From and new hire packet with the Payroll Office.


Questions? Contact us

Kelly Kelly (Financial Aid Office) - For questions on Federal Work Study allotment and Student Work Authorizations Forms

Judy Frank (Payroll) - For questions on New Hire paperwork/appointments and Student Work Authorization Forms

Meredith Tornabene (Career Advising & Development) - For questions on hiring students through Handshake