Housing Selection Information for AY 2023-2024

Three Steps and You're Done… 

  • STEP 1: You submit a Housing Application, (see right column), for the lottery Wave (type of housing) you want to participate in and wait for notification if your application was accepted to the Wave or not. 
  • STEP 2: If your application is accepted you go to the James Commons on the date of in-person selection (for your type of housing) and select your assignment. 
  • STEP 2A: If your application is not accepted, you regroup and go back to Step 1 until your application is accepted and you make it to the in person selection process. 
  • STEP 3: Sign up for a meal plan if required, and sign the Housing Agreement. You can make changes until the last day of classes, after that you are locked in for 2023-2024.


LOTTERY WAVE (Look for the types of housing you want to apply for) Date that your application is Due for that Lottery WAVE (by 4pm) Notified if your application was accepted for this WAVE or not. (if not, please reapply) Date you need to come to select your housing (In-person, James Commons @ Noon)
Medical Housing Tuesday, 1/31 Ongoing Not Applicable
Premium Singles, Standard Singles and Senior “Free Agents” Tuesday, 2/7 Thursday, 2/9 Friday, 2/10
NEW Townhouses (4 Person, Single Sex) Tuesday, 2/14 Thursday, 2/16 Friday, 2/17
OLD Townhouses (6 Person, Gender-Mixed, Bedrooms/Baths - Single-Sex) Tuesday, 2/21 Thursday 2/23 Friday, 2/24
Le Moyne View & Houses (3 Person, Single Sex) Tuesday 2/28 Thursday, 3/2 Friday, 3/3
Le Moyne Heights (4 Person, Single Sex) Tuesday, 3/7 Thursday, 3/9 Friday, 3/10
Foery Suites (5 Person, Single-Sex) Tuesday 3/21 Thursday, 3/23 Friday, 3/24
Foery Suites (7 Person Single-Sex) Tuesday, 3/28 Thursday, 3/30 Friday, 3/31
ALL DOUBLES Not Applicable Not Applicable Tuesday, April 4th