Housing Selection Information for AY 2022-2023

These guidelines apply to both residential and commuter students who will be living on-campus:

  1. Housing selection numbers are based first on a student's cohort year (graduation year based on year of entry to Le Moyne College), and second on the number of credit hours completed by January 1, 2022. The higher the selection number, the better it is. 
  2. Students will receive their housing number via email by Monday, January 31,2022 (if the number is lost, you can contact Jason Downer for a reminder) and it cannot be changed, exchanged or altered in any way.
  3. All housing must be selected by a complete Group (including those selecting a single-occupancy room).  In order to select a living space, the group must have the appropriate number of people to fill the living space to its maximum capacity (example: if you would like a four-person apartment, you must have a group of four).
  4. Once a living space has been assigned, you will not be permitted to participate in any later lottery or make any changes to your housing assignment until after the second week  of the Fall 2022 semester.
  5. The group with the highest total number (all numbers in the group will be added together), will choose first. 
  6. Students in the Le Moyne College Honors program will receive an extra 200 points towards their number. 
Email housing coordinator, Jason Downer SJ, with any questions.

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Housing Selection Schedule

The order in which students select their housing is based on the total of all group member' lottery numbers; therefore, groups with seniors will always be ahead of groups without seniors. This selection process is for the 2022-2023 year.

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