Disability Support Services for Students

Disability Support Services provides and arranges accommodations for students with permanent or temporary physical, medical, learning, and/or psychological disabilities.
Common accommodations include:
  • additional time for exams
  • alternative testing site
  • alternatively formatted texts, exams, and other classroom materials
  • assistance with and access to adaptive technologies
  • interpreters
  • note takers
  • permission to record lectures
  • preferential seating
These and other reasonable accommodations may be provided as indicated by documentation.
Disability Support Services also provides:
  •  review of previously administered diagnostic tests
  • supplemental academic advising
  • assistance in developing self-advocacy skills
  • liaison and advocacy measures with faculty and staff.

AIM Student Portal

About AIM

Accessible Information Management (AIM) is a web-based tool for Le Moyne College students registered with the Disability Support Services. AIM currently provides students the following services:

  • Request DSS services each semester
  • Electronically e-mail accommodation letters to your professors
Logging into AIM

Use your Le Moyne College (user name) credentials to log into AIM to be taken to the online services portal and submit your requests.

Access the AIM portal

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