Approved Software

General Availability Version Area of Use Support Level
7-Zip 18.0.6+ campus-wide F
Ad Astra 8.6.0 campus-wide F
Adobe Acrobat 2018/2019 campus-wide F
Adobe AfterEffects 2018/2019 campus-wide O
Adobe Audition 2018/2019 campus-wide O
Adobe Bridge 2018/2019 campus-wide O
Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.7 campus-wide O
Adobe Dreamweaver 2018/2019 campus-wide O
Adobe InDesign 2018/2019 campus-wide O
Adobe Illustrator 2018/2019 campus-wide O
Adobe Lightroom 2018/2019 campus-wide O
Adobe Macromedia 2018/2019 campus-wide O
Adobe Muse 2018/2019 campus-wide O
Adobe Photoshop 2018/2019 campus-wide O
Adobe Premiere 2018/2019 campus-wide O
APEX One 13.95 campus-wide F
ArcGIS 10.5 academic O
Archi 4.3.1 academic I
Audacity 2.0.5 campus-wide I
ChemDraw 17.1 campus-wide O
Chrome 75.0.x campus-wide F
Cloudpaging Player 9.0.4 campus-wide F
Crystal Ball academic O
DataLink Connect academic O
DeepBurner 1.9 campus-wide O
Dia 0.97 academic I
Distance 7.2 academic I
Echo 360 Classroom Capture 5.5.5 academic F
Eclipse 4.3.2 academic I
Eclipse NEON 3 academic I
EditPlus 4.3 campus-wide I
EstimateS 9.1.0 academic I
Filezilla 3.31 campus-wide O
Freeplane 1.6.14 campus-wide I
Gephi 0.9.2 academic I
Horizon View Client 4.5 and up campus-wide F
LockDown Browser campus-wide F
LoggerPro 3.14.1 academic O
Mac OS 10.8 to 10.13 Mac users O
Maple 2018 academic O
Mark 9.x academic I
MatLab R2016a and up academic O
MEGA 10.0.4 academic I
Mendeley 1.19.3 campus-wide I
Microsoft Access 2016 campus-wide F
Microsoft Edge 38.x campus-wide F
Microsoft Excel 2016 campus-wide F
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 campus-wide F
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/15/17 campus-wide O
Microsoft Word 2016 campus-wide F
Omnilert 1.x campus-wide O
Premiere Literacy Suite 15.13 campus-wide O
SAP 7.5 academic O
SAP DesignStudio 1.60 sp5 academic O
SAP HANAStudio 2.3.35 academic O
SAP Lumira 1.31 academic O
SAS 9.4 academic and IR O
SCA 2018 academic I
SPSS 22/23/25 academic O
Tableau - public version only 10.5.1 academic I
Turning Point 5.3.1 academic O
VLC Player 3.0.4 campus-wide O
VMware Horizon View 4.5 and up campus-wide F
Windows 10 fully patched campus-wide F
Zoom 4.3.1 campus-wide F
Limited Availability Version Area of Use Support Level
Adobe Presenter 2018/2019 various faculty O
BBTransact Security, Residence Life, Sodexo F
Bloomberg N/A BUS/FIN F
Camtasia 9.1.2 various faculty O
Capital IQ N/A BUS/FIN I
Datatel 2.3 admin offices, faculty chairs and advisors F
Datatel Web 4.3/5.x admin offices, faculty chairs and advisors F
Dragon Naturally Speaking   Disability Support Services O
Duxbury 11.2 Disability Support Services O
E-Prime 3.0 PSY I
GPG4Win   Admission O
IgorPro 8 PHY I
Inspiration 9 EDU I
iWorx 4 BIO I
Kurzweil 3000 Disability Support Services O
MapPoint 2010 Institutional Advancement I
Microsoft Project 2010 MIS I
Microsoft Visio 2010 Human Resources, Facilities I
MikTex 2.9 PSC, MTH I
Minitab 18.1 MTH, PHY I
MorningStar Direct BUS/FIN I
NI Circuit Design Suite 14.1 PHY I
OCLC 2.63 Library I
Omnipage 19 Disability Support Services I
OnBase 11 Enrollment Management F
Oracle 11g MIS O
PointAndClick 12.1 Health Office, Wellness Center, Athletic Trainer O
PopG 3.3 BIO I
Populus 6.0 BIO I
Print Boss   Accounts Payable O
ProSystemFX 2017 ACT O
PTC Creo 3.0 PHY I
Qualtrics   MKT I
Raisers Edge 4.6 Institutional Advancement I
Reeher OneAppeal N/A Phonathon I
Sierra 2.3.0_4 Library I
Slate N/A Enrollment Management I
Spartan 10 CHM I
Software Ideas Modeler 11.55 BUS I
SPlus/Spotfire (TIBCO) 8.2 BUS I
SQL Management Studio 2008R2 admin offices F
StatCrew   Athletics I
Tax Navigator 2019SQL Accounts Payable O
ZOC 7.13 Library I
ZoomText 10 Disability Support Services P
Miscellaneous Version   Support Level
Greenshot   O
jGrasp 2.03_07   O
KeePass 2.4   O
Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.5   I
MySQL Workbench 5.2   I
NetBeans 8.2   I
NetLogo 6.0.1   I
Notetab Lite 7.2   I
PncPDF N/A   I
Presence 2.12.21   I
PuTTY 0.67   I
Python 3.6.5   I
R 3.5.1   I
R Studio 1.1.419   I
Safari 12.1   I
SCite 4.0.5   I
Serial Cloner 2.6.1   I
SML of New Jersey 110.82   I
SWI-Prolog 7.64   I
TexStudio 2.12   I
Tracker 4.95   I
Umlet 14.2   I
Vista TN3270 1.27   I
Weka 3.8.0   I


Understanding Support Levels

  • F=Full Support
    Install, troubleshoot and actively work to resolve issues. Training may be available (i.e.
  • O=Operational Support
    Install, basic troubleshooting, some features may be supported. Training may be available (i.e.
  • I=Install
    Install, support for program access, save, and print only.