The Athanasius Kircher Senior Researcher Fellowship

A. Purpose

The purpose of the Athanasius Kircher Senior Researcher Fellowship is to encourage senior faculty to engage in long-term scholarly projects requiring more sustained financial support than is ordinarily provided by the Le Moyne College Research and Development Grants. 

The fellowship is named for Athanasius Kircher (1601-1680), seventeenth-century Jesuit, scholar, polymath, and author of studies in Egyptology, Language, Geology, and Medicine.
Each Kircher Research Fellowship carries an award of $3,000 per fiscal year. The funds must be used between June 1 and the following May 31.

B. Eligibility

Those eligible for the Kircher Research Fellowship must (1) hold rank of Full Professor; (2) have at least 20 years of teaching experience at Le Moyne College; (3) have a significant record of scholarship and publication; and (4) have an ongoing research project for which funding is requested.

C. Application Process

A full application consists of a completed application form together with all supporting material requested on the form. Applications should be submitted via email to [email protected] as Word attachments. 

Applications are due by the third Wednesday in March. Fellowship recipients will be notified by May 1. 

D. Criteria and Guidelines
  1. The project or activity for which the applicant seeks funding must be in progress.
  2. Kircher Research Fellowship funds may be used for the following expenses:
    a. Cost of student help through the College Work Study Program.
    b. Cost of services and materials. These may include specialized research assistants; consumable supplies; rental and other service charges; purchase of reprints, journals, books, and specialized databases essential to the project; photocopying; database searches; and computer time to access off-campus sites.
    c. Standard academic charges incurred during the publication process that are required by the publisher for publication, such as page charges, copy-editing required by the publisher, submission fees, permission fees, translation fees, subventions, and indexing charges.
    d. Reasonable transportation costs, lodging costs, and expenses for meals. 
    e. Seed-funding for extramural academic grants.
  3. The Kircher Research Fellowship may be combined with conference funding or other faculty travel awards.
  4. There is no limit to the number of times an eligible person may apply for Kircher Research Fellowships.  However, a fellowship for any particular project may be renewed only twice. (See Section F below.) In addition to the merits of any application, the Committee will consider the applicant's history with Research and Development programs.
  5. It is the responsibility of applicant at the time of application to demonstrate compliance with all relevant college policies (e.g. Institutional Review Board, Information Technology).

E. Grant Administration and Report

  1. Money awarded for a Kircher Research Fellowship will be transferred, under the fellow’s name, to an individual sub-account of the R&D Committee’s account. To draw on the account, the fellow must submit documentation and a request form to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The funds must be used between June 1 and the following May 31.
  2. A Kircher Research Fellowship recipient must operate within the line items of the budget as approved by the R&D Committee. Any budgetary changes require Committee approval.
  3. At the end of the fiscal year, a recipient of a Kircher Research Fellowship must submit a report to the Chair of the R&D Committee ([email protected]), the Provost, and the appropriate Dean. The report should outline how the disbursed funds were used, how much of the funding (if any) remains, and how much of the research project has been completed. At the conclusion of the project, the recipient must submit a report detailing the project’s ultimate disposition (again, to [email protected], Provost, and appropriate Dean).

F. Renewal of Kircher Research Fellowship


The Kircher Research Fellowship may be renewed up to twice for the same project. Such renewal is at the discretion of the R&D Committee. For renewal to be considered, the applicant must attach to the renewal application a report detailing his or her use of Kircher Research Fellowship funds during the previous fiscal year. 

Specific Instructions


Complete the application form. Please combine application, CV, and relevant supporting documentation—into a single file. Submit file as an e-mail attachment to [email protected].