Course Load Reduction

A. Purpose
The purpose of course-load reductions is to enable faculty members to pursue pedagogical development or scholarly research. The college ordinarily funds, at most, one three-hour course load reduction per semester.
B. Eligibility

A tenured or tenure-track faculty member who teaches and carries a 4-3 course load is eligible to apply for a course-load reduction. Faculty who receive a course-load reduction may not then engage in other remunerative employment during the period covered by the reduction without the consent of the Committee.

C. Application Process
A full application consists of a completed application form together with all supporting material requested on the form. Applications should be submitted to the chair of the Committee. The Committee reviews applications twice a year according to the following schedule:
Term Application Deadline To Dean Notification
Fall October 15 October 30 November 15
Spring February 18 February 28 March 15
D. Evaluation Criteria
In addition to the merits of the proposal, the applicant's tenure status, history with Research and Development programs, and current teaching load will be considered. An applicant for a course-load reduction should consult with his or her department chair to ensure that timely provision can be made for staffing the course section from which release is sought.
E. Report
At the conclusion of the semester for which the course-load reduction is granted, the recipient must submit a brief written report to the Chair of the Committee ([email protected]).

Specific Instructions

Submit application via email to [email protected] as a Word attachment for the three documents as outlined below:
You can prepare and print a cover form on-line or you can fill out the attached form by hand.
2. Statement of Intent
Prepare a narrative detailing the project or activity for which you seek release time. Please follow the outline below.
A. Working title of the project or activity. 
B. Description of the project goal. 
C. Detailed description of the project. 
D. Description of the project's current status 
E. Timetable for the project's completion.
3. Letter from Department Chair
Have your department chair (or a senior member of your department if you are chair) write a letter addressing the following two issues.
A. Impact of the release time on the department
B. Benefit of the project to the department.
4. Reporting
Within a month from the end of the release period, an applicant awarded a course load reduction must provide the Committee with a brief written report describing the progress made on the project.