Welcome to the Curriculum Committee Home Page.  Here you will find folders that contain the following items:
  • agendas for and minutes from our meetings
  • documents about policies and procedures for the Curriculum Committee
  • forms for various proposals made to the committee
  • proposals that have been and are being considered organized in folders by semester, year, and date
In addition, you will find the names of the current divisional, at-large, and student representatives on the committee (under contact us); and the days, times, and location for the current semester (under committee information).   
Any questions or concerns can be addressed to the CC chair, Bob Zens, at [email protected] or ext. 4474.  

Committee Information

Meetings for Spring 2024 are Mondays 4-5pm via Zoom.

Notice (6.26.2018):  The CC forms can now be completed in either fillable pdf or MS Word.  Directions for downloading and completing the revised fillable New Course Proposal form can be found in the folder, CC Forms and Documents.  Included in those directions is a way to generate an electronic signature for use on the forms.

Notice (6.26.2018):  All proposals to be placed on the CC agenda must come from the respective department chair or program director.  No exceptions.

Notice (8.24.2021):  Proposals must be approved before they appear on the schedule (there will be no pending CC approval courses on the schedule).

Notice (4.1.2022):  Beginning Fall 2022, proposals submitted after the schedule goes live will not be included in the schedule for that semester.

Notice (4.3.2023):  Program changes submitted after the schedule goes live will not be implemented until the following semester.



Contact Us

Joseph Spino (Div. 1) (23-25)

Lindsey Voorhees (Div. 2) (22-24)

Christopher Bass (Div. 3) (23-25)

Robert Zens (Div. 4, Chair) (22-24)

Caitlin Esposito (Div. 5) (22-24)

Benjamin Huegel (Div. 6) (23-25)

Cinnamon Pace (at-large) (23-24)

(Student Representative)

Katie Ryan (Staff Assistant)