Committee Information

Core Committee meeting times for Fall 2024 have yet to be determined.

Please use the most updated forms for course proposal and funding applications, available below in the "Forms" folder.  If you have a question about these, please contact Holly Rine.

Contact Us

Holly Rine , Director of the Core Program
TBD (Div. 1 - ENG/HST)
Tom Brockelman (Div. 2 - PHL/REL)
Julie Grossman (Div. 3 - FLL/VPA/CMM)
TBD (Div. 4 - Soc.Sci.)
Blair Page (Div. 5 - Nat.Sci./MTH/CSC)
Carrie Rewakowski (Div. 6 - Madden/Purcell)
TBD (Student representative)
Maria Jackson (Administrative Assistant)
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