Committee Information

Core Committee meeting times for Spring 2023 are Fridays, 12:00-1:15pm. All meetings take place via Zoom.

Please use the most updated forms for course proposal and funding applications, available below in the "Forms" folder.  If you have a question about these, please contact Agnes Humphrey or William Day.

Contact Us

William Day, Director of the Core Program
Erin Mullally (Div. 1 - ENG/HST)
Tom Brockelman (Div. 2 - PHL/REL)
Mike Streissguth (Div. 3 - FLL/VPA/CMM)
Ted Shepard (Div. 4 - Soc.Sci.)
Blair Page (Div. 5 - Nat.Sci./MTH/CSC)
Margie Ierlan (Div. 6 - Madden/Purcell)
Michaela Rice (Student representative)
Agnes Humphrey (Administrative Assistant)
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