Services We Provide

Media Relations
The office is the official communications link to the Le Moyne community and serves as liaison to local, regional and national media. We prepare and distribute news releases, media advisories, and tip sheets; arrange for media coverage of college events and activities; schedule and coordinate press conferences; and pitch feature stories to promote Le Moyne College. In addition, our staff writes op-eds and articles for external placement. 


The office helps to promote on campus events through posters, press releases and online event listings. Please notify the office of your event as soon as possible. 

The office designs and produces the majority of college publications, including the Le Moyne College Magazine. We also produce publications for admissions, various campus events, student development, academic departments, and graduate programs. We edit all college publications for content and style in order to maintain college-wide consistency and adherence to the Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual. The staff also writes citations and copy for a variety of publications. 

Any printed piece that will be viewed off campus should go through the Office of Communications. It is recommended that before you begin any printed piece, or if you have any questions about the process, please contact us.  

Changes to the printed catalog and posted PDF are made yearly. The catalog is printed in May.

Curriculum changes, after approval by the curriculum committee are made to the applicable web pages on a monthy basis.

Procedure for printed pieces/Web items/specialty items (art or production):

1. Complete publication request.
2. A production schedule will be sent to the sender of the publication request.
3. A meeting will be scheduled, if needed, to meet with the communication office team. Recommended for new projects.
4. Submission of copy/text/information to Molly
5. Art creation/modification
6. Proofing (final proof requires VP signature, unless VP notifies Office of Communications, in writing, that it is not needed.)
7. Physical production of printed piece/Web item posted/specialty item (art only will be sent as directed by writer of publications request.)

Production Time

The time it takes to produce a printed piece can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the design and/or printing; however, use these guidelines as a rule of thumb:

One- or two-color: three to six weeks from submission of copy/text

Three-color or four-color process: four to seven weeks from submission of copy/text

Scope of project (including art & proofing) and bindery functions can add time.

Please call the Office of Communications at 445-4555 if you have any questions.

It is crucial to call before proceeding beyond the rough idea stage, because potential problems can be addressed and/or avoided before time and money are invested. The members of the Office of Communciations will discuss the type of publication, target audience, feasibility, paper, budget, delivery date, etc. A production schedule will then be established. You will need to complete a Publications Request form with the budget approval for each job. Text for publications will be edited by the College editor to ensure that they adhere to AP and College style.

Web Design

The office collaborates with Information Technology to design and implement new web pages, graphic emails, online newsletters, e-mail solicitations and invitations.

Photography and Artwork
From art direction to scheduling photo shoots, we’ll handle all your photography needs. Our graphic designers can create logos, icons, and other art elements for a variety of uses.

Communications will help you with all your printing needs, from four-color, glossy publications to simple one- or two-color jobs. We will furnish you with costs based on each job’s specifications, provide a production schedule, and follow through to delivery of the finished product.

We will handle the paperwork for jobs that are processed through the Office of Communications. The printer provides a proof and it is checked by the writer/editor to ensure that any prior corrections/alterations were made and page order is correct. The graphic designers and publications coordinator check it for press readiness.

Business card orders (pdf) are to be sent to the Purchasing Department.

College stationery orders are to be sent to the Purchasing Department.


We work with various departments across campus to develop, produce and place institutional and event-specific advertising. To request advertising, please call the office at ext. 4555. 

Le Moyne College Magazine

As the flagship communication piece for Le Moyne's 25,000+ alums, the award-winning Le Moyne College magazine is published three times a year by the Office of Communications. It's the best place to keep up with former classmates, learn about all the exciting activities taking place on the Heights, and read in-depth stories on today's most compelling higher education issues.


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Associate Vice President for Marketing & Communications

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Director of Communications
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Marketing and Communications Project Manager
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Graphic Designer
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Director of Interactive Content Strategy
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