Mission Statement

Part 1. The purpose of the forum is to foster a supportive, collaborative, and professional environment among employees. Key components include: 
  • Enhancing and identifying opportunities to improve communications campus-wide;
  • Providing professional development, community service, and social networking opportunities;
  • Cultivating an understanding of Ignatian values and how that impacts our work, pursuant to the College's mission and vision and the spirit of “magis.”
  • Gathering employees to discuss pertinent campus-wide issues and opportunities as they arise, and to address those in consultation with Human Resources

Part 2. All activities of the forum will be directed toward these purposes and duties.

Happening Now

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If you have ideas for how the Employee Forum can help support you in these challenging times, please email Annie Steve (steveam@lemoyne.edu) or Jennifer Reddy (reddyjc@lemoyne.edu.) Ideas could include creating and supporting chat groups dedicated to specific topics, facilitating IT training, and anything else appropriate you can think of.

The Employee Forum Executive Board has heard you!


Over the last several months, the Employee Forum has had the opportunity to attend and listen to the feedback from the Climate Survey for staff and administrators. In addition, the Forum has met with the Racial Justice Committee Co-Chairs and the Leadership Team. Based on these conversations and feedback, the Employee Forum is examining and re-imagining our role in the campus community. While COVID-19 has proven challenging to our community and the way the Employee Forum operates, we are committed to reconvening as a group to deepen our involvement with the community. We intend to move forward as a group that represents and advocates the needs of Le Moyne College’s staff and administrators. With this in mind, we are taking the following steps:


  • We have begun the process of reviewing and revising the forum’s mission statement and bylaws to ensure the Forum fills its expected role in the campus community.

  • In conjunction with reviewing these documents, we will review current Executive Board roles and responsibilities to increase efficiency and effectiveness. 

  • We will be conscientious in encouraging and promoting diversity on the Executive Board and in Forum participation.

  • We will increase communication and create frequent opportunities for involvement of staff and administrators outside of the Executive Board.

  • We have been given an invitation from the College’s Leadership team to join applicable President’s Council meetings. 

  • The Executive Board of Employee Forum has begun scheduling Open Forum meetings to address your ideas, questions, and concerns on various topics with key leaders. The first Open Forum will take place on April 1st at 12 PM - 1 PM with Roger Stackpoole, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, and Treasurer. All staff and administrators are invited to attend. We will encourage discussion during the meeting and facilitate follow-up conversations as deemed necessary. Please register to attend the event here. Once you fill out the form and submit, you will receive a Zoom link for the meeting. If you would like to submit a question prior to the open forum, you may do so anonymously herePlease submit questions for the event by March 12th.

Thanks to our partnership with SECNY Credit Union, we have a new online tool available to help increase financial literacy. Delve in beyond the first page; there are resources available to assist you in all sorts of financial decision-making, from college planning to estate planning (and everything in between!) Thanks to Aerik Radley '11 for his part in this initiative!

Jeans Friday has been suspended due to the fact that most employees are working remotely. You can still let us know at the link below if you have suggestions for a cause when we are back on campus.

Each Friday, employees are encouraged wear jeans and contribute to the Jeans Friday fund. A $5 donation is suggested, but any amount, large or small, is appreciated!  At the end of each month, the Employee Forum dontates the funds to a worthy cause/charitable organization. Bring your donation to any member of the forum! ​Have a suggestion for a person, cause, or charity to support? Let us know here!

We will select a new cause when we return to campus.

A Phenomenal ‘Phin is someone whose excels in living out the mission, vision, and core values of the College. Our mission-based competencies are the desired skills, knowledge, abilities, and personal attributes that are critical to optimal performance in the Le Moyne work environment. Award Winners will be given a certificate of recognition from the Employee Forum and will be invited to a celebration with all recipients, either in late spring/early summer or upon our return to campus.

Do you know an employee who exemplifies the Le Moyne dedication to cura personalis and/or magis? Who truly cares for the whole person, or is always striving to do better and be more? Nominate them today to be recognized for their efforts and dedication by the Employee Forum Executive Board and the Le Moyne community.

Phenominal Phin Form

Mission Based Competencies Chart



The membership of the Employee Forum will be composed of elected members representing multiple divisions across the campus community; with representation from both exempt and non-exempt employees. At least these positions must be fulfilled;

  • 2 Chairs
  • 2 Chair-Elects
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

  • If possible, officials in the same position should be comprised of one exempt and one non-exempt employee.
  • Officials can serve no more than one term in the same position.
  • Chair-Elects are expected to move to the Co-Chair position for their second term.
  • Persons can serve no more than two consecutive one-year terms on the Executive Board.
  • New terms start at the beginning of each Fall semester.


Executive Board Members

  • Chair: Jeffrey Samuels
  • Chair: Annie Steve '17
  • David Alena '05
  • Cathleen Anderson
  • Elizabeth Beville
  • Tracy Caryl
  • Demitrius McNeil
  • Brooke Merrifield '17, MS '19
  • Jennifer Reddy '13
  • Daniella Vazquez '17

The employee forum is made up of representation from both non-exempt and exempt members of Le Moyne’s community.