Professor of English David Lloyd published five poems in "Weaving Words into Worlds,” a collection of international ecocritical essays. The poems are: “Miraculous Body,” “Open House,” “Beavermind,” “The List” and “This Unfamiliar Place” (Vernon Press Series in Literary Studies, 2023). In the introduction editors Caroline Durand-Rous and Margot Lauwers wrote: “To complete the multifaceted approach developed in this book, we have made way for a “Writer’s Corner” that offers poems by David Lloyd. These invite us to a direct, unmediated experience of ecopoetry that will resonate with many of the analyses collected in the preceding chapters. They come as precious gifts from an ecopoet who took part in the June 2016 Perpignan [ecopoetry] conference, where his work was read and discussed. They remind us of the necessity to make room for the writing and reading of poetry itself within our academic practices, in the midst of the distanced attitudes toward literature that many critics simultaneously strive for. They open the door to a moment of concrete re-enchantment and offer a corporeal, sensuous dwelling to temporarily put at rest our predominantly logos-driven, academic relationship to language and to the world."

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