The Bursar Office handles the financial matters of all students attending the College. All students are responsible for any College debts they have incurred including tuition charges, fees, library and parking fines.


The office works with students in a variety of ways to make a Le Moyne College education affordable and attainable. Refunds may be issued to students receiving financial aid packages or loans that exceed what is owed the college.


Le Moyne College is pleased to offer HigherOne Tuition Payment Plan, a monthly payment plan for people who want an alternative to paying at the beginning of each semester.   Enrolling in a tuition payment plan is easy.  Simply visittuitionpaymentplan.com/lemoyne, or click on the link; click on "Enroll Now," choose the payment plan option that is best for you and follow the easy steps to complete your enrollment.  If you have any questions about the plan please call (800) 635-0120 and a specialist will be happy to assist you.  Brochures are available in the Bursar's and Financial Aid offices. 


Students, view and pay your Le Moyne College student bills online through Webadvisor.  Through Webadvisor you can make payments by Electronic Check.  You can also view most recent statement and billing history.


 Students may now receive their refunds electronically! Through Webadvisor you can have refunds issued directly to your account. For enrollment click on the link labeled Electronic Refund (E-Refund). *Your browser must be in Internet Explorer to enable the enrollment process.*


Please note: The College's cash policy requires that any department or club accepting check or cash adequately safeguard the funds and submit these to the Bursar Office for deposit WITHIN 48 HOURS OF RECEIPT. Please ensure that all funds received for deposit are put away in a securely locked location before your timely submission to the Bursar Office. If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact the Bursar Office at ext. 4350.
Common Forms

Dolph-E-Card Authorization

E-Refund Complete Orientation Flyer

Cash Reimbursement under $25.00

Deposit Slip


Our Staff

Cheryl Davies, Bursar

Amy Beyer, Assistant Bursar

Stacey Ginestro, Perkins / Account Representative

Stephanie Wheatley, Student Account Representative 

Clara Votra, Student Account Representative

Contacts & Hours

Office Hours 
Monday -  Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

*The office will have extended hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 pm during periods of registration and at the start of the fall and spring semesters.


Office Location 
Grewen Hall, Room 209

Phone: (315) 445-4350
Fax: (315) 445-6007

Mailing Address: 
Bursar’s Office
1419 Salt Springs Road
Syracuse, NY 13214-1399