The Manresa Program team is currently seeking faculty and staff interested in serving as mentors this fall in Le Moyne’s Manresa Program. This rapidly growing program offers an exceptional opportunity to work with dedicated and engaged students – in a friendly, no pressure context - as they gain a richer understanding of themselves and the paths they hope to follow here at Le Moyne and in their professional lives beyond college. Since mentors work from fully-developed and carefully outlined meeting notes, no special expertise is needed and very little advance preparation is required. In recognition of their service, mentors are offered a stipend of $750.

You will find more detailed information about this opportunity, including the schedule of Manresa seminar meetings for the fall, below.  If you would like to sign-up or if you have questions about the Manresa Program or mentoring in the program, please contact Steven Affeldt or RJ Rapoza at: affeldsg@lemoyne.edu or ext. 6201 or rapozarj@lemoyne.edu or ext. 4185.

About the Manresa Program:
The Manresa Program is a four-year program of character development and professional preparation designed to help students discover their deepest interests and values while also providing them with tools for vocational discernment and career readiness.  The ultimate goals of the Manresa Program are to equip students to thrive both personally and professionally and to contribute to the betterment of our rapidly changing world.

The freshman and sophomore years of the Manresa Program focus primarily on personal/character development and values clarification while also introducing career readiness tools.  The junior and senior years of the Manresa Program focus more heavily on professional preparation and career readiness while continuing to emphasize character development and values. Learn more about Manresa here. 

About Mentoring:
Mentors typically work with another faculty or staff colleague and lead a small group of about 10 students through six, two-hour meetings scheduled over the course of the semester. All of the meeting content is fully developed for you and is carefully outlined in a binder that you will be provided. This means that no expertise is needed and very little advance preparation is required. Mentors typically meet together for about 30 minutes sometime before each meeting to discuss the meeting content and how they will share facilitation responsibilities. 

Mentors are asked to attend one or two 2-hour mentor-training sessions prior to the start of the semester. During these training sessions Manresa staff review the meeting content, highlight specific goals for each meeting, and offer facilitation tips. Mentors are offered a stipend of $750 in appreciation of their service.

About the Fall Manresa Seminars:
In the fall semester we will be offering the junior and senior year Manresa Seminars titled “Think Forward” and “Meaningful Success” respectively. In keeping with the overall design of the Manresa Program which emphasizes personal/character development and values clarification in the freshman and sophomore years and professional preparation and career readiness in the junior and senior years, these seminars focus on professional preparation while continuing to engage character development and values clarification. The meeting topics for each seminar are:


Think Forward

Meaningful Success

Meeting 1

Accurate Self-Assessment and Authentic Self-Presentation

Your Senior-Year Toolkit

(Contemplative Practices)

Meeting 2

Career Readiness

(NACE Competencies & RIASEC Codes)

Telling Your Story Part One

(in Conversation and Interviews)

Meeting 3

Professional Communication

Telling Your Story Part Two

(in Writing and Professional Documents)

Meeting 4

Career Exploration

(Alignment of Skills, Interests, Values, Personality, Workplace Preferences

Design Your Life

(Professional Flexibility and Recognizing Career Options)

Meeting 5

Academic Integration

(Recognizing and Articulating Impact of LMC Courses and Experiences)

Ethics in the Workplace

Meeting 6

Jesuit Discernment and Decision Making

Transformational Learning and Academic Integration

Schedule of Meetings, Fall 2019

With the exception of the opening meetings which take place as part of a slightly longer welcoming gathering, all meetings are scheduled for two-hours and take place at the same time.

Meeting #1: Saturday, Sept. 7,  Think Forward: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (including lunch)

                                                   Meaningful Success: 1 to 4 p.m. (including lunch)

Meeting #2 (TF and MS): Friday, Sept. 13, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Meeting #3 (TF and MS): Friday, Sept. 27, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Meeting #4 (TF and MS): Friday, Oct. 18, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. 

Meeting #5 (TF and MS): Friday, Nov. 8, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Meeting #6 (TF and MS): Friday, Nov. 22, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. (followed by closing reception)

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