The goal of Accounts Payable is

  • to maintain a positive relationship with the entire Le Moyne College Community, including vendors who provide goods and services to the College and
  • to ensure the timely processing and payment of invoices and employees' reimbursements in accordance with regulatory requirements, College policies and established internal controls.
Account Payable Staff
Laurie Skerpon
Accounts Payable Assistant
Grewen Hall 209G
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Check advances are requests for travel expenses in advance and must be made through the check advance request form.  Each requestor may only have one outstanding check advance at a time.  Students requesting a check advance are limited to $300 at a time and will not be issued subsequent to 3 weeks before the end of each semester.  All check advances must be cleared within 1 week of the traveler's return.  

All requests for payment either for vendor invoices or expense reimbursements are made through the check request form, which must include proper support (original detailed receipts or mileage log - noting date, # of miles, location start/end and MapQuest of route); 13 digit account number to be charged and authorization by the general ledger account budget officer.  Check requests should be submitted no later than 30 days after purchase.  Budget officers submitting expense reimbursements to themselves will need to obtain a second signature from their immediate supervisor, Associate Controller or Controller.  For remittance advices where a copy needs to be included with the mailed check, please provide a duplicate copy with your check request.

Each new vendor or independent contractor must complete a W-9 form in order for the College to meet its IRS reporting requirements.

Checks are issued on Tuesday and Thursday of each week.  Invoices, check requests and check advances must be submitted to the Accounts Payable Office by Wednesday at 11 AM to be paid the following Tuesday, or by Monday at 11 AM to be paid that Thursday.  All checks for pick-up are available at the Accounts Payable Office in Grewen Hall 209G after 1 PM.  Any changes in a check run schedule will be announced on the Le Moyne College campus announcement.

Cardholders will receive an email notifying him or her that the account statement is available on the Wright Express website.  Once all charges have been reviewed and a budget account number has been assigned to each charge, the cardholder should print an Expense Log from the Wright Express website and attach the related receipts and other documentation.  The Expense Log should be submitted to the cardholder’s supervisor for review and to the Accounts Payable office within ten (10) business days from the date of the statement.  The Accounts Payable office will review the Expense Logs and attached receipts and will make payment directly to Wright Express. 

Employees are responsible for using discretion when expending College funds and for ensuring all expenditures are necessary and appropriate for business travel.  Employees must be familiar with and follow the College travel policies and procedures and, if applicable, the policies of their special programs, grants, departments or divisions.  The College is exempt from sales tax in NY, FL and MA; please obtain a exemption certificate to provide hotels prior to traveling for College business.  

The College will reimburse at a rate of $.50/mile for use of a personal car for College business travel.  All meals must be listed in detail on the receipt; credit card totals without the detail of the meals will not be accepted.  Alcohol is not permitted and will be a personal expense.  Receipts for gasoline purchases will not be reimbursed unless traveling with a rental car or College vehicle.  The College will pay for economy (also called coach & standard class) tickets only on domestic and international fights; any upgrades, including extra leg room, will be a personal expense. 

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