Faculty Highlights

Re-imagining Assessment Procedures for ALL Outcomes   
Department of Psychology
Dr. Christina Michaelson, Dr. Monica Sylvia, Dr. Theresa White & Dr. Whitney Wood  

Project Timeline: Begin in June 2019, with work ending by May 2020. Implementation would begin in August 2020.

Project Description: Re-imagine the way the Psychology Department assesses all three outcomes areas. This will be accomplished through the development of a three-part series of assessment exams (entry, mid-point, and exit) that are NOT course-embedded and will better evaluate students' progress across the outcome areas. These exams should replace the current course-embedded evaluations and provide better evidence of increasing student competence. The exams will be uniquely generated for each student via computer from a large test bank of questions that will be created on relevant topics by the faculty.

Status: The corpus of questions has been created, and are in the process of being added to Canvas.  Royce Robertson has collaborated with the department about this process, and have been careful in mapping to learning objectives.  Plan is to pilot the test question bank with seniors in Spring 2020.

Using the Sweet and Ferguson Curriculum Mapping Tool  
Department of Anthropology, Criminology and Sociology 
Dr. Jeffrey Chin

Project Timeline: Summer-Fall, 2019, on-going

Project Description: In 2019, the Department of Anthropology, Criminology, and Sociology embarked on a series of conversations designed to bring the curriculum more in line with national standards and best practices. These conversations were guided by a recent publication by the American Sociological Association, The Sociology Major in the Changing Landscape of Higher Education (Pike et al., 2017). During the summer, 2019, Dr. Chin generated a series of model curricula that reflected the recommendations of the external reviewers from the previous year’s program review. The department plans to submit these revisions to the curriculum committee to be available to students in 2020-21.

Status: This project is also on-going.

  • Using the Sweet and Ferguson Curriculum Mapping Tool, Dr. Chin completed a mapping of the sociology curriculum, including enrollments and frequency of offerings. In order to see which courses met the curricular SLOs and the SLOs from the “national standards” as articulated in the Sociology Literacy Framework (Ferguson and Carbonaro), it became apparent that courses with multiple sections had inconsistent SLOs in their syllabi.
  • The Curriculum Mapping Tool requires that curricular SLOs be mapped to each course, when relevant. Dr. Chin completed this task but they need to be confirmed by each instructor. This will be conducted by an asynchronous discussion during the early part of the Fall 2019 semester.
  • When the Sweet and Ferguson Curriculum Mapping Tool is complete, it will be sent it to Steve Sweet who will return a custom report. This report will inform our next steps. 
  • The department will conduct discussions involving all stakeholders to standardize the SLOs in all sections of SOC101, ANT101, and CJS101. This is on the agenda for Fall department meetings.