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For health safety reasons due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the Campus Shuttle Service will not be running until further notice.  Students should practice good personal safety, walk in groups of two or more, walk on lighted College sidewalks and maintain social distancing. 




It is the philosophy of Le Moyne College to prevent crimes from occurring rather than react to them after the fact. A way to accomplish this goal is through the crime prevention program at the College.  This program is designed to eliminate or minimize criminal opportunities, whenever possible, and encourage students and employees to be responsible for their own safety as well as the security of the others.  The following is a listing of the crime prevention programs and projects used by Le Moyne College:

  1. Shuttle Service: A student escort service is offered from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. seven day a week, during the academic year, for students traveling between Le Moyne College owned properties.
  2. Crime Prevention Programs: Campus Security provides crime prevention and campus safety awareness presentations to both students and College employees.
  3. Blue Light Emergency Telephones: These emergency telephones are strategically located throughout the campus and are distinguished by the overhead blue light. Blue light telephones ring directly into the Campus Security dispatch center.
  4. Security Surveys: Comprehensive inspections of exterior lighting, exterior doors and grounds are conducted by the director of Campus Security each year.
  5. Operation Identification: The engraving of serial numbers or owner-recognized numbers on items is available through Campus Security.
  6. Video Monitoring: Campus Security monitors and records residence hall entrances, student parking lots and other campus facilities by means of closed-circuit television cameras.
  7. Sexual Assault, Education and Prevention: In cooperation with Student Development, the Office of Campus Life and Leadership and the Wellness Center for Health and Counseling, a multitude of programs and presentations are made available each year to the members of the campus community to promote healthy behavior and their awareness of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.
  8. Operation ‘lock-out’: A program to better educate students on the importance of locking their room. Resident advisors and area directors (RAs/ADs) lock the doors of students who have left their room doors open and hang a flier on the doorknob about keeping their room secure. This program is administered during the fall semester by campus life and leadership staff.
  9.  Enhanced Telephone System: All calls received by Campus Security from a College phone, Emergency Blue Light Telephone and Elevator Emergency phones are immediately identified in security by extension and/or location.​

As an institution of higher education with a longstanding Jesuit and Catholic tradition, Le Moyne College recognizes its obligation to promote an environment and collective attitude that encourages students, faculty, staff and administrators to serve others, participate in the life of the College, and act as responsible members of the community. This includes behavior in the realm of human sexuality. Acts of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct including sexual assault, doemstic violence, dating violence and stalking undermine the dignity of individuals and the principles of equality and respect for others and are serious violations of our community standards. These acts do not just harm the individual; they harm the College community as a whole. Le Moyne College does not condone or tolerate any conduct that would constitute sexual harassment or sexual misconduct.



Director of Security Mark Petterelli
Sergeant Jack Lawton
Sergeant Stephen Bear
Sergeant John Haskell
Officer Albert Moore
Officer Jason Wallace
Officer Francis Clark
Officer Richard Bailey
Officer David Sweeney
Officer William Esposito
Officer Scott Cooper
Officer Peter Nagle
Officer Katie Young
Officer Patrick Naylor
Officer Ann Park
Officer Charizma Moody
Officer Ziad Hussein
Officer Paul Rose
Administrative Assistant Chelsey Taylor



Campus Security
Mark Petterelli, Director
Nelligan Hall, Basement
(315) 445-4444

Numbers to Keep Handy

Onondaga County Sheriff:
(315) 435-3044

Syracuse Police:
(315) 442-5250

Town of Dewitt Police:
(315) 449-3640