Check List for Move-In

  • Username and Password
    Make sure you have your Le Moyne username and password and that it has been reset after receiving your initial temporary password at
  • Coax (TV) and Ethernet Cables (Computer)
    We recommend 25 foot cables to provide the most flexibility in setting up your room.
  • Ethernet Adapter
    Necessary to connect to the wired campus network if your computer does not have a built-in Ethernet port (most Mac and ultra-thin PC laptops do not). You will need to register this at using the device's MAC address. 
  • Register your Computer/TV/Game System
    Register your device at once you get onto campus to get online via our wired network using the device's MAC address.
  • Anti-Virus Software
  • TV with Clear QAM Tuner or a Converter Box
    Personal routers interfere with the campus wireless network and will be disabled by Information Technology
    If you have a wireless printer, you will have to hook it up to your computer directly. Wireless printers cannot connect to our network. There are public printers in most dorms and all academic buildings. 
    This includes but is not limited to Chromecast, Echo Dot, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Roku devices.