The Office for Academic Advising and Support will, as appropriate, provide ESOL students with the opportunity to take their exams in our office. Students whose primary language is not English are not entitled to special testing accommodations, and professors have no legal obligation to offer ESOL students alternative testing arrangements. However, many ESOL students find that extra time, and in certain circumstances a word processor, help them demonstrate the true depth of their knowledge. It is at the professor's discretion to permit such alternative arrangements. If a student is interested in seeking alternative testing arrangements, he or she must first meet with a professional staff member in the office; the student's needs will be assessed, and opportunities and procedures will be explained. In addition, students whose primary language is not English are encouraged to take advantage of Le Moyne's free tutoring services.

Additional Resources for ESOL Students/Instructors

Idiom of the Day: This web site displays a random entry each day from the Cobuild Dictionary of Idioms.
Internet TESL Journal: This is a good resource for teachers of ESL.
Linguistic Funland URI: A good resource for teachers and English students. It is a stepping off point for TESL/TEFL people.
Purdue Online Writing Lab: Students are able to consult with academic peer tutors online. There are also over 300 instructional handouts, ESL help, and other writing resources.